From Lonely Unfilled Housewife To Perverted **** Part 4

From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted **** Part 4.

When I work up the next morning Paul was already gone. I figured he had gotten up on his own to let me sleep. I didn't hear him so figured he must have already left for the day. Just then the phone rang and I picked up the receiver without thinking and said. “Hello.”

“Hello Mrs. Johnson.”

“Vincent?” I asked. “Is that you?”

“Yes it's me. Is hubby around. Hopefully beside you in bed.” Vincent said in a loud voice.

“No, thank goodness. Especially after last night. That can never happen again. I don't know what got into me.” I said thinking back to the previous night at my daughter's one year anniversary with Vincent. Vincent had ****** me in my own washroom just upstairs from where my daughter, husband and guests were partying. On top of that not only had Vincent ****** me but he had sent every other boy up to **** me one at time. One after the other they had come up and ****** me on the bathroom floor.

“Never talk back to me ****. Never. I got everything recorded. All your moaning and groaning and begging to get ******. How do you think your daughter would react to you coming on to her boyfriend and how about your husband. How do you think he will react if he heard the recording. Plus if you remember you called me your Master last night when I was ******* you.” Vincent said.

“Stop joking Vincent.” I said. “That can never happen again. I don't know what happened to me. I was out of control.”

“You belong to me and my boys and boys boys from now on. You got that. Not a word to your hubby or your daughter Sandra. Not only did we all **** you but we tapped it. We taped you begging to get ****** so don't think for a moment of reporting rape. I'll expect to see you at the school gym after school.” Vincent said loudly over the phone. “By the way no panties or bra. Were one of your shortest skits and low cut t-shirts you can find. Got it *****.”

“I can't do that. All the neighbors will see me Vincent.” I said over the phone.

“Not if you get in your car in the garage and drive right over. I'll expect to see you standing outside the gym at 3:40 pm on the dot and dressed the way I told you. I'll have some big surprises for you, I know you won't be able to resist.” Vincent said and hung up the phone without saying good bye.

I was left holding the phone in my hand. I kept looking at it as if it was alive and finally put it down. I looked around my and Paul's bedroom. How could I have been this housewife all these years. I had felt unfulfilled for years but some how had managed to carry on life without complaints. Now after one night of being fulfilled in the washroom down the hall by nine hot boys including my daughter's very own boyfriend I felt board and unfulfilled. I pulled the covers off myself looking at myself dressed in my old nighty that went from my neck to my ankles. I had worn this old thing for years since the night after I got married. Paul had said that's the way he always saw his mother and I should be like his mother and I had been like his mother since the day after we were married. The day after what I considered a failed wedding night.

There had been no explosion of excitement. My body hadn't felt the excitement like in the romance books. My body had gone without being fulfilled that night. The big thing I still watched my weight exercised in our basement gym to look attractive for Paul but why. Well I found out why last night. My body had been on fire. I was lost in thought from the previous night being taken first by my daughter Sandra's boyfriend Vincent and forced to call him Master.

I was surprised when I looked down at myself. I had pulled my long nighty up to my waist and pushed my panties to one side as my fingers were now pushed into my hot *****. My fingers messaging my **** that was hard and wanting. My other hand had pulled my nighty down and messaging my hard nipples. I threw my head back and felt my ***** getting wet. I had never *********** myself before and here I was in the throws of a close ******. “Oh I need a ****. I need to get ******. Oh I wish you were here Vincent to **** me.” I heard myself moaning. “I'm your **** Vincent Master. I really am Master. Oh **** I need your **** in me so much and your boys. I need you all ******* me.”

I stopped feeling my ***** and breasts long enough to pull the long night gown off and push my panties off. Then my hand was all over my breast and nipples as my other hand was at the entrance of my hot *****. My fingers messaging my ****. I was on fire. “**** me. Dam Master **** me hard.” I could feel my body racking as I pushed my fingers into my *****. It was far less pleasing compared to last night but better than what Paul had ever done for me. I could hear myself groaning and moaning. “**** me, oh I wish you were here Master ******* me. Oh damn I wish you and all your boys were all here ******* my body the same time.”

I pushed my hips up so my fingers went deeper into my ***** and made sure my thumb rubbed my hard ****. My other hand messaged first one breast and then the other pinching my nipples over and over again. With one more push into my ***** hard I felt myself spurting. Damn all these years and Paul had never made me spurt and last night I was spurting like crazy being ****** over and over again by first Vincent then eight other boys that had come to the bathroom one after the other. Now I had actually made myself spurt. How could I ever live life with just Paul anymore.

I managed to come down from my sexual explosive high and lay back nude in my and Paul's bed soaking wet with sweat and organic wonderful relief. Finally I forced myself up and went to the washroom and took a soothing long bubble bath. I always felt calmer after a leisure bubble bath but never clean. I emptied the bathtub and turned on the shower and washed once more. I got out of the shower dried myself and dressed and went to the basement to work out before I got started with breakfast and my humdrum housework.

All day I kept looking up at the clock willing the day to go faster. It seemed the day just went on and on. I had a simple lunch of a salad and tea and went back to my housework. It was three when I decided to go upstairs to my closet to see just what I could wear. All my dresses were conservative. I had no short skirts or blouses. I didn't have money to go out and buy a new outfit either. One thing about Paul he watched every cent. He had our groceries and even cleaning supplies for the house delivered. I had no debit or credit card or even spending money. I had gone all these years like this and never missed not having my own money until now. Paul never liked extravaganza. He didn't even take photos of me or our daughter. He said it was being took into one's self taking photos of one's self. Paul had a computer in the living room but I didn't even know how to type or use it. Well as you can see I do know how to type now but he refuses to get a cam, speakers or mic for it though and I still can not afford to buy any myself.

I looked through my closet and found my workout outfit I used only in my gym. It had a short skirt with panties sown in. “Mm mm. This might work.” I said to myself. I got a pair of sizzlers and cut the panties out. Now all was left was the short skirt and top that went to my neck. I took the sizzers and cut down so when I finished the top was much deeper. I put it on and the skirt went about three inches above my knees. That would have to do. The top however showed most of my large breast. My nipples were hard again and pushed against the fabric. I stood back throwing my head back so my shoulder length dark blond hair fell across my shoulder. “Not bad.” I thought to myself.

I went down stairs to the kitchen. It was twenty after three. I went out the kitchen door to the garage and opened the garage door. I looked around hoping none of my neighbors would see me. I couldn't see any one. I didn't even know my neighbors. I did know this gorgeous tall black man lived next door and even in my conservative clothing he smiled at me. He couldn't have been any more than forties at the most and kept his body in great shape. When ever I saw him he wore tight fitting jeans and t-shirt. I often saw a bunch of boys around his house. Across the road was also a hot looking black man maybe in his thirties with a bunch of teen age black boys around. The boys looked like football players. As the next door neighbor black boys looked more like basketball players.

Paul wasn't racists but I don't think he liked the men very much. He often told me those men should be dressed in less relieving clothing. I noticed neither men ever ogled me when Paul was around me just when I was alone. As I walked looked around I didn't see either of them around. I went back to my car and got in. I started the engine and back out of the garage. Then once more I looked around before getting out of the car to close the garage door. Then hurried back to my car and got in. I backed out of the lane way and headed to the school. For some reason both my black neighbors wavered in my mind and I felt my ***** getting wet. I wondered what these two hot looking men would look like nude and what they would want to do to me. I had never thought of these things all the years they had lived around us. What was going on with me.

At least my husband bought me this car but he was the one that maintained it. He got it so I could go shopping and take his precious Sandra to any appoints she might have. The car was more for his precious Sandra than for me. I was just the drive the car for her needs. Don't get me wrong I love Sandra. She is a good daughter but her father spoiled her rotten. What he refused to get me he opened his wallet for her. I guess he knew Sandra would be our only child. But as well as spoiling her he also taught her to a proper daughter and not to misbehave around the boys. I don't think she had any problem in that department. She acted just like him in that respect. She never showed a feminine side to herself. I didn't see men chasing her or her taking an interest in boys. I had been surprised when this stud of a boy seventeen going out with her. It seemed mostly one sided on Vincent’s side. Which seemed strange to me since he probably could get any girl at school he chose. I had seen him looking me up and down on different occasions but I just shrugged it off to my imagination. After all I was old enough to be his mother at thirty three years of age.

I looked all around after opening my car door. No one paid attention to me. I gather they all were busy thinking of what they would be doing after school. I made my way over to the back door of the gym looking at my watch. It was exactly three thirty five. I stood by the back door of the gym. The door suddenly opened and there stood Vincent looking as hot as ever. He was wearing gym shorts and that's all. I could see the big lump in the front of his gym shorts and could tell he didn't have anything under the gym shorts. “Get in here ****. The guys are waiting for you.” He said.

I stepped in the gym and looked around. I almost fainted what I saw. There had to be a good dozen hard bodied nude black men. End of Part 4.
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