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LaVerne's Picture

I wanted to take some nude pictures of LaVerne and since we were in Iowa, i thought pictures in a barn would be nice.   My Uncle Marvin has a splendid barn and we drove over to his place.  We stopped up at the house to see my aunt and let her know we on the place.   She insisted we stay for supper; her oldest boy was back home on leave from a tour at sea. He's Navy of course.  Farm boys always join the Navy. I asked where he was, but she didn't know.  the last she seen he was heading out in the old Chevy pick up. 

We went out to the barn and LaVerne took off her clothes.   Her fine figure and smooth skin made a nice contrast to the tools, stalls,  and farm equipment in the barn.   the barn had a nice northern light through the double doors and the door of the hay loft was open too.  First i had her pose on an old red Farmall tractor.   she climbed up on the seat and made a mighty pretty picture.  I took several shots around the tractor and then had her sit on an old horse drawn hay rake Uncle Marvin was restoring.    The was a calf in a stall that was seperated from the mother for weaning and LaVerne posed with it.  Since it was still trying to suckle, it licked her with that big ol' tongue and slimed her from breasts to crotch.   So i had her get in the watering tank just out the door.   She found that the water in the tank was cold and after that her nipples got pretty perky.  She cleaned off the calf slobber and we spent about an other hour taking pictures.  When we were in the loft, i picked her up and tossed her into a large pile of loose hay.  It spilled over the edge of the loft floor and LaVerne and the hay ended up on the barns dirt floor.  I expected to her yell a complaint about the sudden trip to the barn floor but she was suddenly very quiet.

I looked over the  edge and she was standing in the pile of hay looking straight at Junior, the cousin in the Navy.  She said, "well hello.  How long have you been here?"  She wasn't shocked by his presence even though we didn't expect him to be there.  Junior (we called him Junior cause his name was the same as Uncle Marvin's) just said, "i sure hope pictures you been taken turn out real good.  I's like to see them when you get them developed.  And i was right disappointed that you didn't ask me to pose in them too. I have been settin down there by the tack room feeling neglected watchin all the picture taking with out me in it."  The tack room was at the far end of the barn where the sunlight didn't reach and it was pretty dark down there.  My wife didn't bat an eye.  She said for him to  join in but he had to ***** if he wanted to be in the pictures.  He was naked in a flash. 

I took their picture.  He asked me if it was alright as that he was teasing and really didn't want to be in the picture.  My wife insisted that he stay and as the shots increased, so did her attention to Junior.  She would press her breasts against him and in one pictuer was caressing his butt.   she started playing aroiund with his penis and he started to get hard.  She said it was a nice **** and she wanted some "action" shots with it.  I told him it was ok and she began to suck him ever so nicely.  He just laid back in the hay and closed his eyes.  He had intercourse with her in the missionary position and when he was getting close to ******* she told him it was ok for him to *** in her.   Which he did.  She was ready for me and I was pretty turned on.  i love watching another man's **** plunging in and out of my wife's *****.  When i was done,  she wanted Junior again.   She had to suck him hard and since he had *** once, he ****** her for a long long time. 

We dressed and lay in the hay talking.  LaVerne told him all about our open minded life style and asked him if he wanted her to be his "date' for the remainder of his leave.  So every day for the next two weeks, he came to the house and picked her up.  It was like traditional dating.  they went to the movies, bowling, goofy golf, eating at various restuarants.  At the end of the date, he brought her home and they had hot sex in the guest bedroom.  They had to be pretty quiet as to not wake the kids.  Junior said it was the best leave he ever had.  And it was in Iowa of all places.  

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I would love to see some pictures of her.

This is a great story. I love it. Barns are excellent places to take nude photos. The contrast and the backgrounds are super. I'm just surprised that your uncle had a Farmall and not a John Deere, which I thought everybody had. I go to Ottumwa on a yearly basis to visit. Know a little about Iowa. Jonior will have memories that will last a lifetime. Thank your wife for being so considerate to a horny young cousin and you for sharing her.