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Hi,This is ravi, Iam 36 and my wife Vimala is 29. She is very good look and a gorgeous lady. Any male will have a second looks when lhe passes by. I used to enjoy my wife being looked by other males. We have fairly good sex and we have intercourse almost every alternate day. We used to enjoy blue films also during our sex act. We have two children studying. This happened couple of years back. Suddenly i developed an interest to see my wife being ****** by another male and my wife also passionately involve herself in this and I wanted to have a ********* sex also. During our play when I suggested this to my wife she as an Indian woman first refused, but after my repeated request and explanations she slightly gave a positive nod when I told her that the man would be of her choice and she should like the man whjom we select to involve passionately. Among our friends I thought of few but suddenly Shiva's name came to my mind and I knew that my wife used to praise him more and she likes his behaviors . On that night when I suggested shiva's name my wife blushed and told me whether he would like this idea. I told her I will make some arrangements to make him understand our desire. On that night we had a tremendous sex ,my wife's ***** was very wet and more love juice were flowing from lher *****. She had started fantasizing having a sex with shiva. The next day I booked three tickets for a movie which had a less crowd fpr the coming weekend, I invited Shiva to accompany us for the movie. He was shocked and asked why movie suddenly ? I told him ii got a small lhike in my pay and this time I wanted to give him treat and also told him that we will have dinner in our house in the night. The children had already gone to my parents house and I was curious to fulfill my dream on that day. The day came, I asked Shiva to come to theatre, Wife very much excited dressed so romantically for that evening.Dhr wore a transparent saree and a transparent blouse inside. Her black bra was clearly visible and her nipples were already erect. I could feel she was excited very much. We were waiting for Shiva to arrive at the entrance of the hall,

Shiva came just when the picture started , we were led to our seats in the dark. I immediately had a naughty idea I asked my wife to sit in the middle and myself and shiva were sitting on her both sides. My wife gave a mischievous smile and like my idea. She was bit confused. Film started and I could feel my wife is very hot I slowly slid my hand to the side opening and I was caressing her left breast over her blouse. I could feel that her nipple were erect and very hard ,my wife slowly placed her left hand over my thighs and started pressing my **** which was already hard. I whispered in my wife"s ear to make some advances towards Shiva on the right side. I glanced in the dim light I could see my wife"s right hand on Shiva's thighs and I asked my wife to feel Shia's **** I could see that she was moving her hand up. I could now see that Shiva encouraged by my wife's act slowly was placing his left hand over my wife"s thigh and rubbing it slowly. He slid his hand inside my wife's saree since my wife had adjusted her saree for him to conveniently slid his hand inside. I can hear that she was breathing heavily She was rubbing both my **** and shiva's **** by both of her hands. Suddenly the lights come and it was interval. Shiva nervously smiled at me and He accompanied me outside. He was very silent. I broke the silence and I Told him that all the three of us will enjoy tonight after dinner, He nodded and accepted the invitation with a shy face. We immediately went home and my wife changed her dress . She wore a very sexy nightie transparent and she did not have neither bra nor panty inside. I gave Shiva my lungi and and i also wore a lungi and I removed my undergarment. My wife was also shy though she was Horny . After dinner I broke the silence and I started kissing my wife in front of Shiva and I started playing with my wife's boobs slowly pressing and fondling it. I took an excuse in the pretext of going to bathroom and left the bedroom leaving my wife and shia alone. I went to bathroom After five mins when I came back I could see Shiva hugging my wife and my wife passionately kissing shiva. Both of them were engaged in deep french kiss and Shiva was playing with my wife's boobs. That was the first time that I am seeing my wife kissing other male apart from me. I was very happy with this sight and my wife also was enjoying other man's kiss.After seeing me they immediately got separated, But I said No No This is what I want and I went near them and kissed my wife very passionately and signal Shiva to join our kissing , shiva placed lhis lips over our lips and all the three of us sucked each others lips and our tongues were playing with each other. A ********* Kiss really it was wonderful and I removed shiva's lungi and removed his undergarments, Amazing his **** was 11" long and really stout, Mine was only 6". On seeing this big **** my wife was very much excited and She immediately took his in her mouth and started sucking it. I started putting my fingers in my wife's really wet ***** and the ii Could feel the She has already ***, and I Started licking my wife's [*****. She was moaning heavily and making all sorts of Oh…sounds. I asked to Shiva to **** her and She started sucking my ****. Shiva initially giving gentle strokes and increased his speed and started giving heavy strokes and I was ******* my wife in here mouth. Both my self and Shiva climaxed in the same time and my wife was almost exhausted. We slept for the night and the early morning we had one more session of sex. After this incident Suddenly Shiva got a transfer and he is now in Hyderabad. In between we both went to Hyderabad leaving our children in our parent's house and enjoyed our ********* sex more than thrice. I hop you all enjoyed my real experience. I ws having this my mind as a top secret of my life. But after   joining this group I got courage to share my personal experience with you all.  I love  likeminded people to contact me thro my mail id. I love making friends with like minded peopleand continue my hot mail contact and if needed personnel contacs .  After all life is for enjoying and sharing everything with others which includes your wife also.  Come on make friendship with me so that all of us can enjoy.

Mail me and make me your friend and all of us can enjy the life.  Life is too short and enjoy the same fully.

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Its really a pleasure when you enjoy your wife with your intimate male friend together. This experience is worth taking.

(NAMES CHANGED) I am Sahil. Over a period of time, I wished to have life spicy and enjoyable. I want to expose my wife at Beach resorts, hills, pool and places where we visit outside the periphery of our place. I want her to enjoy other man and have good sex in front of me. I like the most when she has erotic massage by a young male massager all over her body. Boobs, thighs, bums, vagina and all over. It is very exciting to see when the young therapist make her nude and touches her total body and licks her breasts, vagina and everything. I go mad when her vagina is massaged by the penis of young male.

First let me describe my wife and our friend Raj. My wife Sunan is just gorgeous. She is 43 years old. She is petite, with long hair, dark thick eyebrows, black eyes, and a body and *** that will take your breath away. Her breasts are bigger than medium sized and perky with nice full nipples, especially when she becomes aroused or cold. Sunan has been told several times by many people that she looks very sexy and decent. In fact one time at one forest sanctuary, she was asked if she was an actress. I really don’t think there is not a single man on this planet who would not want to **** her. Our friend Raj is not extremely good looking but in good shape. Sunan and I are deeply in love with each other since marriage. I can safely say I have been the only man in her life for the last 19 years. Our sex life has been fairly typical with occasional nights of wild sex.
I met Raj when we were working in a project at Mandalin. He and I both enjoy outdoor activities, and we started to hang out all the time. During the time we spent together, I found out that he chooses his wife Ash to expose, and to keep life spicy. I told him I was happy to be married, and my wife is incredibly hot. Before long I had invited him over to our house to have wine and dinner with us when his wife was not in town.
Sunan and Raj instantly hit it off. Seeing them get along so well was great for me, it would become easier to be able to get away for mountain visits and hiking trips. Before you knew it, Raj was coming over all the time. I could tell they were attracted to each other. Every time Raj was in the house, Sunan would come out in some sort of sexy outfit. She sometimes exposes herself by putting very sexy clothes. I also told her to expose her boobs as much as possible with my friend. It was getting to the point that Raj and I would call secretly her as our sexy lady. But for the most part there was never any serious flirting, until a hiking trip we all three planned when Raj’s wife was not there.
Now, raj’s wife was not in town. We decided to hike to a place that was isolated and contained natural springs. It was just the perfect temperature for Sunan to wear skimpy shorts with a tight top. Raj and I both made small sexual jokes with her while hiking. On the way we had orange juice, in which we added vodka. This had effect on Sunan. She became little open and enjoying more our sexy talks. I was talking to Raj, how I massage Sunan and how I ****** her on the mountain top in open after making her partially nude. We teased her that we were all going to go nude once we get to the springs. She handled the teasing well and betted us that we would not have the courage to ***** completely naked. The whole time hiking, she was in the front on the trail and we both watched her awesome *** all the way there. She was in such a dress that all curvature was clearly visible and both of us were sharing sexy things about Sunan. I took off one scarf from her dress, when we approached isolated area. Her boobs were seen coming out of her tight top. I was so dam proud of how hot she looked. I knew Raj had been thinking that he wished he could **** her. I was wondering if she would really honor the “bet” and ***** in front of Raj.
We were all please to see that we were the only ones at the springs. Before I could drop my pack, she blurted out, “Well, are you guys going to *****, or are you chicken?” I asked her if she was serous but that question did not matter because I looked over and Raj and he was already removing his pants and starting to go in. Sunan and I watched him wade in the hot water. She cat whistled at Raj and yelled “Nice ***”. Once he was up to his waist he said “well, are you guys coming in?” I looked at Sunan, shrugged my shoulders, and started to *****. As I was wading in, I turned around just in time to see Sunan removing her top. She had her hands covering her **** as she moved towards the water. Raj and I both objected, and insisted she removes her thong, as it was only fair. She smiled and said ok, fine. She slid off her thong and stood up straight and said “There, are you guys happy now?” I could not believe it; my wife had just ******** in front of Raj. She is standing there completely naked showing her nicely trimmed bush and hard nipples to Raj. We both watched her take about 5 minutes to become submerged. During this time I glanced at Raj to see that he was enjoying the view as much as I was. For the next few minutes we enjoyed the feeling of the springs. At some point Sunan laid back into my arms.
This of course gave Raj a perfect view of her, and without missing a beat he just grabbed her feet and started to massage her under the water. Raj was massaging her feet and gradually going upwards and reached at thighs. I was worried on how she was going to react by Raj’s bold move, but surprisingly she let out a small moan and said her feet hurt and now having her feet rubbed felt good. I was behind Sunan, holding her naked body, when all of the sudden, I could feel my **** becoming hard. I could not believe it; I was getting turned on by watching Raj massage Sunan’s feet. Like a locomotive hitting me, I knew I wanted to watch Raj **** my wife. Now I have a full erection and I was pressing my **** up to her lower back and ***, she giggled a bit, and told me to stop with a smile on her face. Raj could recognize what I was doing, and started to become more aggressive with his massaging. He slightly parted her legs to work on her calves. By doing this made my Sunan float up to the top and exposed her hairy ***** through the water. Raj was not hiding the fact that he was looking at her *****. He just kept massaging her calves thighs and little upwards just below my sweetheart’s *****.. While this was happening, I started to massage her shoulders and slowly work my hands around to her stomach just below her breast. We all became quiet, and I could tell we were all turned on by what was happening, so I went for it. I started to massage Sunan’s breast right in front of Raj. I was taking the breasts of Sunan in my mouth. Putting my tongue on to her nipples and kissing her in front of Raj. I was pinching her nipples while watching Raj slowly working his hands up her legs. He had reached her inner most part of Sunan’s thighs, he was inches away from heaven, her legs were spread, and Raj was between them completely exposing her *****. Raj was putting his fingers around her ***** by one hand and using other hand to press her breasts. Then he took sweet boobs in his mouth and passionately and lightly putting his teeth around. Raj was licking her boobs, stomack and later her ***** and ***** lips. Oh my God, Raj pushed his full tongue inside the vagina of Sunan and Sunan was enjoying. I could not believe how turned on I was. Raj was about to **** her as he and Susan were kissing and joined their bodies fully,
we heard a group of youngters heading our way. It was an instant turn off for Sunan. She backed away and suggested we get out and put some clothes on. We all agreed to leave, and once again, Raj was the first to make a move. He stood up and waded out. When he was out of the water, he stopped to turn around to talk to us. I could not believe the size of his ****. Obviously, he too had a hard on when we were playing with Sunan in the hot springs. I looked over at Sunan and she was utterly staring at Raj’s thick pennis. Now I would like to think I am in ok shape, but Raj look like a toned athlete with a monster ****. Sunan and I waded out of the water and started to get dressed. I was paying close attention to Sunan as she was trying to maintain conservation with Raj. She kept glancing down as much as she could until Raj got his pants back on. Even then you could see he had quite a bulge left. It was perfect timing, we barely got our clothes on when the group we heard had arrived. While we were hiking back to the car, we had casual conservations and acted as if nothing had happen. But I was so turned on; I could not believe what almost happened and how much I liked it. When we arrived at home we asked Raj if he wanted to stay for dinner and he agreed. He offered to go to his home and get some drinks. While he was gone, Sunan took a quick shower and I met her in the bed room. I asked her if she liked what had happened at the springs and to my liking she said “yes, I liked it very much”. I told her I also liked it, I told her that I love her, and I wanted her to do more if she felt up to it. I promised her I would not be jealous, and I would never use this against her. She leaned into me and gave me a deep passionate kiss.
While I was showering I asked if she saw the size of Raj’s ****. I about fell out of the shower when she said not only did she see it, she had rubbed his **** with her feet at the beginning of his foot massage. I had no idea that happened until now; she told me Raj had placed her feet near his ****. When he started to get a hard on, his **** sort of grew right towards her feet. She continued by saying when she felt his **** growing she was getting turned on, so she started to rub the top of his **** with her toes. Right then I knew she wanted to **** him. We talked some more. When I finished showering, I stepped out only to see Sunan had put on a tight sexy pair of low cut jeans and her favorite sexy shirt that said “pink” without a bra, exposing three fourth of her boobs. From the shower, I ran over to her, grabbed her, and threw her onto the bed and started to kiss her. My **** was so hard, I started to press it on her ***** thru her jeans, and she respond by dry humping me. I reached down to unbutton her jeans. But before I could even get started she giggled and said “no no, I have to wait”. I could tell she was so horny but I knew it would be worth the wait.
I went out into the living room and put a hard core movie on TV. Sunan went into the kitchen to start dinner. Raj just helped himself inside the house and we had a few beers while Sunan drank Vodka. It was funny; we just acted as if nothing had happen earlier. Sunan did make an effort to prance in front of us. She would bend over right in front of us to pick things up and her hard nipples were protruding thru her short shirt. After dinner, Sunan went and sat down on the couch between us. After a while she adjusted herself by laying her head on my lap and placing her feet on Raj’s lap. Put off one button out of two of her sexy top. Eventually she asked Raj if he would continue massaging her feet as it felt so good earlier. He said sure, and started to rub. I think in record time I was rock hard with my **** bulging right in front of my wife’s face through my shorts. Sunan then rolled onto her back, looked up at me and commanded me to kiss her. I leaned down and gave her a deep French kiss. With my eyes closed I started to once again to rub Sunan’s breast. I could tell it was turning her on as her nipples were turning into the size of baby fingers. She was starting to let out soft quiet moans while I was kissing her. When I came up for air, I looked over and was delighted to see Raj was watching me massaging Sunan’s breast and he was using both his hands to aggressively rub her feet onto his fully erect **** through his spandex shorts. Wow I was so turned on! I started to slowly lower my hand away from Sunan’s breast down to her *****. When my hand reached her ***** she parted her legs, and I started to rub my whole hand in an up and down motion on her *****. Now she started to moan which Raj could hear, and I don’t think I have ever felt so much heat radiating through her pants. I knew at this point there would be no turning back. Sunan was now rubbing Raj’s **** with her feet without his assistance, so he started to move his hands up her legs, massaging all the way. By the time he reached her inner thighs right under her *****, she had spread her legs as far as she could on the couch. She was now grinding her hips on my hand. Rubbing her ***** had created a camel toe through her tight jeans, so I started to slide my index finger up and down right in the middle of her ***** lips through her jeans, pushing and rubbing where her clitoris would be. Raj was massaging her most inner thigh again and I could tell he just wasn’t still sure if he should go for it, so I helped him with the decision by grabbing his hand and placing it right on her *****. He immediately started to massage her ***** through her jeans. I moved my hand back up to my wife’s ****, lifted her shirt up to expose her nipples, and started to pinch them. I went back to French kissing my wife when all of the sudden, she let out a deep moan and started grinding hard on Raj’s hand. I knew that she just came. I have never seen my wife *** so fast, I was thinking how horny she must have been to *** so quickly. I moved my hips a little to the side so I could pull my shorts down. My **** was so hard it sprang out of my shorts. Sunan was more than ready to start sucking on my ****. She sucked on it like there was no tomorrow all while getting her ***** rubbed by Raj, and she was still rubbing his **** with her feet. I lowered my hand back down to her ***** and Raj moved his hand for me to have access. I started to unbutton her pants, lowered her zipper, and stuck my hand right into the hottest, wettest ***** I have ever felt in my life. I could not believe how easy my two fingers went into her *****. I looked at Raj and told him how incredibly wet Sunan was. It was as if he could read my mind. I pulled my hand out of her ***** and we both worked on removing her jeans. We lifted her legs up, and I continued removing her pants while Raj began to remove his shorts and shirt. In one quick movement Sunan had returned back to her position of having her legs spread wide on the couch not even missing a beat sucking on my ****. Raj on the other hand, was now naked and was getting himself into position to **** her.
I took one last feel on how wet my wife’s ***** was and I moved my hands out of the way for Raj. He had grabbed his **** and started to slide the head up and down unfolding her wet lips even more than they already were. I marveled on the sheer size of the head of Raj’s ****. While he was using his **** to rub Sunan’s *****, I wondered if she was worried if his **** was going to be too big, and that it might hurt. But she answered that question when she reached down with her tiny hand and grabbed Raj’s **** and started to insert in into her *****. This is it; I am about ready to see my wife ******! Raj slowly worked his **** in. First his mushroom head disappeared, then more and more of his veined shaft. When Raj began ******* Sunan, she started breathing hard and grunting. She had to stop sucking on my **** to catch her breath. She started ******* me off, moaning, while trying to receive my friend’s ****. I could not believe I was sitting here trying not to *** while my gorgeous wife is being ****** right beside me by my best friend. Once Raj has pushed all the way inside Sunan, he remained motionless. Eventually he grabbed her small waist and started to grind on her ***** with his washboard stomach.

Sunan started to moan louder, and she reached around to grab Raj’s ***. She was squeezing his *** so tight that every time she moved her hands away, I would see these deep indentions in his ***. Raj then started to pump Sunan. He would slowly pull his **** almost out. You could just see his mushroom head and then he would push it all the way back in. Sometimes he pulled it all the way out and I could see his **** was fully covered with my wife’s wetness. He would then slide his veined shaft up and down in the folds of Sunan’s ***** and without warning, shove it back in. Every time he did this Sunan would let out this deep bass sounding grunt. Raj quickened the pace a bit and every now and then he would stay deep inside her and grind. Sunan was going completely insane. I have never seen her with so much lust. What an awesome sight to see my wife so pleased. Her legs were spread so far apart and she was in pure heaven being ****** by this stud. As Raj quickened the pace even faster, Sunan’s ***** was making sucking sounds because it is so wet with her juices. She pulled Raj’s *** close to her and she tightened up. Raj recognized this and started to grind on her as hard as he could. Sunan then let out the loudest moans I have ever heard. It was so thunderous I thought the neighbors across the street might think something was wrong and might come to the door to see if everything was ok. She just had the most amazing ****** of her life. Raj continued expertly ******* her while she finished out her climax.
Raj backed down on the tempo. Sunan had changed tunes in her moaning to a sound of being satisfied and she was running her hands through his thick chest hairs. When Raj removed his **** out of my wife, it made a “POP” sound, and he moved back to sit on the couch. His **** was still as hard as an old growth tree standing tall in the forest. Sunan was still recovering when she looked at me and smiled. She then moved her head back to where she could resume sucking my ****. Brian sat there also breathing hard and marveling at the wetness and beauty of my wife. He had placed his hand back on to her body and was scanning her stomach, *****, breast, neck. This action made Sunan want to show off her oral skills as she knew he was watching her sucking my ****. Sunan fell/rolled off the couch and she bounced onto all fours. She crawled over in between Raj’s legs and grabbed his manhood with both her hands, she looked up at him and said “Yummy” I could not believe this is my wife. She is always so proper, the textbook soccer mom. And here she is looking like a hot **** star and about ready to give this guy with a huge ****, a blow job. I sat there stroking my own **** watching Sunan attempt to shove his **** into her mouth. She was only able to get just a few inches past the head of Raj’s ****. It was just to dam wide for her mouth. But what part of Raj’s **** she did manage to get in; she worked it with a vengeance. Raj loved this. He sat there running his hands through her black hair and softly speaking her name and saying things like “suck it baby”. This just encouraged her to do a good job. She then starting licking his shaft and ******* him off while sucking his balls. Her hands looked so small working his ****. She did this for a while, when all of the sudden she stopped, looked at me and said “it’s my turn”.
She crawled out from between Raj’s legs and in between mine. She looked at me and said, “Hi Sweetie”. She started to work on my **** just like she has done for so many years.
My wife was so sexy on all fours with her perfect *** sticking out. She started to wiggle her *** as she was sucking my **** and Raj wasted no time in what to do. He moved behind her, grabbed his ****, lined it up, and drove it home. He started with slow pushes and only was working half his **** into Sunan. Raj then started a pumping motion; Sunan looked right into my eyes with my **** in her mouth. The passion in her face while Raj was ******* her from behind will be always be in my memory. Then with no warning Raj shoved his **** deep into Sunan’s *****. When this happened Sunan groaned. This sign gave Raj permission to keep ******* her with his entire ****. Raj grabbed her hips and he begins to pound Sunan. Every time he slammed into her, she would buckle and her head would push into my stomach. She had stopped sucking my **** and laid her head on my lap while adjusting to Raj’s manhood. Sunan started to talk dirty to Raj. She was saying things like, “**** Me, Oh God, **** Me!” This just made Raj start to **** her as hard as he possibly could. She turned her head around, looked right at him and said, “I want you to *** deep inside me” Sunan turned back and rested her head on my lap. I started to stroke my **** towards Sunan’s mouth; she was trying to kiss and tongue my **** between her cries of bliss.
Sunan was getting pounded so hard and she was in so much pleasure, Sunan moved her hand down in between her legs. I could not see, but I knew she is now rubbing her ****, and feeling Raj’s **** sliding in and out of her. Raj’s rhythm and pace was unbelievable. He was ******* her like an automobile piston. You could hear his pubic region and balls smacking on Sunan’s ***** which sounded like hands applauding. Sunan managed to stay on all fours while receiving Raj’s fury. Her ***** was making the wettest sounds I have ever heard from her. We stayed at this position for quite a few minutes. Raj kept telling her how good she felt, and how her ***** was squeezing on his ****. I could see Sunan was starting to tense up and she stopped moaning. I knew it was about to happen. Sunan’s face flushed and she screamed out in between Raj’s thrust that she was ******* again! I know there are these women that have mutable ******* all the time. Honestly, this is the first time I have ever seen Sunan *** three times in a row. Making Sunan *** for the third time must have done it for Raj, because he begins huffing and grunting, he was trying to push in his **** into Sunan as far as he could. All of Raj’s muscles were flexing, he grabbed Sunan’s *** and announced that he was *******. He started making his own ****** sounds while pumping his *** deep into my wife. She kept her head on my lap and moaned the words “Oh yeah, give it to me” she was saying this over and over while Raj was delivering his gift.
Watching Raj expertly **** her was the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life. It also was the best **** she has ever had. When Raj finished, he pulled out and went right back to the couch. Sunan looked at me and smiled, she asked if I was ready and stood up. As she was standing up, Raj’s’ *** started to drip out of Sunan’s ***** and landed on the carpet. Her ***** was soaked. She straddled my lap and I had no problem finding home with my ****. It slid in so easily, I could not believe how fantastic her ***** felt. I started to pump into her and she had no problem matching my rhythm. She started to rock back and forth grinding her ***** against me. She leaned up to my ear and whispered, “Thank You Honey” and began tonguing the inside of my ear with the combination of soft moans. She brought her arm down and used her finger to call for Raj to move over closer. Raj slid over right beside us and Sunan grabbed his **** and started to slowly squeeze and jerk it. I could not believe even with his **** half hard, it still looked enormous. It was too much for me. With the sight of watching Sunan stroking Raj and me feeling his hot *** mixed with my wife’s own juices, I came like I have never came before.
When I finished *******, Sunan continued straddling me, grinding every last bit of my hard on. I could feel my *** leaking out of her ***** and down to my ball sack. Eventually my **** slid out; Sunan let out a sigh and said “Wow that was incredible” and giggled. Raj and I both agreed and quickly I kissed Sunan. She hopped off me and excused herself to the bathroom. Raj and I sat there spent, watching her beautiful *** leave us. Raj looked at me and thanked me for sharing my wife with him. He said it was just what he needed. I said no problem, and it was fun to watch. He promised me he would never touch her, or even flirt with her unless I was around. I told him thanks, and about that time my wife came out with a towel for us to use. We hung out on the couch naked for most of the evening until finely Raj said that he needed to get going. Sunan gave him a nude intimate hug and Raj turned his tongue around her breasts and we called it a night. In the morning Sunan and I talked about how awesome the night before was. I tried to **** her, but she was so sore. Raj stayed away from us for a couple of days until finely I texted him to come hang out. When he came over it was as if we never had a *********, but I am sure we were all thinking about it, I know I was. Several months later, Raj moved away because of his job. He now comes and we always have ********* with lots of drinks, dirty talks and generally bathing together.

I will later tell you about our three some with Raj, I and Raj’s wife Ash. You will find almost the same story as narrated above where Raj is replaced by me and Sunan is replaced by Ash and I am replaced by Raj. Ash is also very charming, not as beautiful as my wife but equally sexy. When I squeeze her breasts, she catches hold of my penis. She wants me to rub her ***** and insert finger inside before *******. She takes my **** in her mouth and let Raj put his tongue inside her vagina. I even had gone for couple massage with Ash and it was very enjoying. My wife Sunan also had gone for couple massage with Raj. In that case, she was nude massaged by the male massager and Raj also nude massaged by female. They ****** there in front of that male and female.

Once, I and Susan had gone to one beach resort and booked couple massage with one handsome young male therapist for Susan and young attractive female for me. It was a memorable experience with sexy set up. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and Susan was wearing a sexy outfit with exposed boobs. As soon as we entered inside the elegantly furnished big sized sexy massage room, male gave one small piece of panty to Susan to wear for massage and to remain topless. It was a sort of very tiny see through panty, which could not even cover her vagina and back was virtually not there. I was given same type of underwear by the female. So enjoyable it was when we both were virtually naked in front of that male and female, Brian and Laura. We both occupied the massage tables and each and every part of our body was nicely massaged. Brian massaged Susan’s breasts, thighs, back, buttocks and vagina very nicely. He inserted his fingers inside her vagina, licked full body, taken Susan’s breast in his mouth and played with her nipples and inserted his tongue in her vagina. At the end Brian started massaging her vagina by his pennis. His penis was very thick and big. While touching and playing with all parts of Susan’s body, his penis became very stiff and erected. I and Susan were amazed by the size and thickness of Brian’s tool. First Brian put his penis on the vagina lips of Susan and massaged the vagina from outside for quite some time. Susan was very excited and happy. Then Brian pushed his big, thick and totally erected rod like penis about half an inch inside the Susan’s ***** and massaging her ***** very gently by his pennis. Gradually he pushed his tool about an inch inside the ***** of Susan. Side by side, he was massaging her boobs and bums with some kissing and licking by his tounge. Susan started talking sexy words, which I liked too much. She was shouting..**** me –**** me. Now, Brian’s more than half of the penis was inside Susan’s vagina. She was feeling sweet pain and enjoying too much. She was in heaven. I was very excited and happy to see her. Now Susan shouted and told Brian—Insert full Lund inside her choot. She also put her hand on Brian’s penis and feeling it. Brian now inserted his full tool inside her. She cried in joy and liking the pain of getting such big rod inside her vagina.I was very excited to see all this and enjoyed Laura’s body after getting my full body massaged.

I will tell you so many such stories later when I watched my wife with friend, taking massage from male masseur, getting full body physical examination by a male doctor in my presence, her adventures with her yoga coach, taking full body massage by our very young sikkimi's male servant boy, etc. etc......

I am rajasekhar from hyderabad..<br />
will you permit to join with you for enjoying..<br />
I too want to play with her boobs as well as ***** because I am interested.

good one

good one

i m a guy frm noida.i 2 share such fantasy.can i b yr

I & my wife want to join u ravi wch city are u from I think u will love this idea pls inform

I have just done the same like you and it has been the best part of my life, now we love each other more why not exchange partners awaiting ur reply


Like the story.Want to join you.I stay at dombovli.You can easily contact me.

Great story, wish I was there, we could work something out...I, like u share the same desires.

wow that sounds like pure fun

Hi Ravi,<br />
<br />
Which city r u from? <br />
<br />
Am sure you wud luv to have a thrilling experience - richer, hotter, more romantic, seductive and elaborate than this one in yr abt a 6ft/80kg/35+/strong n well built, mature man who has skilled fingers n hands for a erotic n sensual body massage also??<br />
<br />
My mail id is