Finding Friends For Fun

My wife and I had little trouble finding sex partners when we were swinging regularly.  For one thing she is very attractive and exotic looking and always seemed to have a look about her like "I LOVE SEX".  We used to hang around in bars and after a while it got so some of the guys we would meet weren't interested in or were uncomfortable in an MMF, just wanting to get at her alone.  Up til now the closest to having a single partner was simply taking turns with her but with me there in the room too.  There were a few guys my wife mentioned she would like to go to bed with but they didn't seem approachable or interested in having anyone else around, especially her husband, and so we tried to figure a way I could still be a part of this and we could share some new experiences as well as her having a different sex partner who would be less self-conscious.

Our bedroom at home had an entertainment wall behind which was a walk-through closet with a door on each side so it was a his-n-hers setup. It also had a door into the hall outside the bedroom.  From the closet side, you could see into the bedroom from the sides of the TV set or the stereo system on either side of the TV since I had installed repair access openings on the closet side.  You could view the entire bedroom from different positions and you could not see into the closet.  This seemed like a very nice setup for us and so we embarked on a new arrangement. We decided that she could go out and pick up guys to her liking and bring them home and do her thing with them while I was in the closet watching. 

So now, going to select bars had a different aspect and we started going to some new ones where nobody knew us as a couple.  What an experience this turned out to be for me, almost surreal.  Now I was watching my wife as this very sexy beautiful alluring female on the prowl.  Needless to say she received a great deal of attention from many rather horny men, some young some old.  She had the pick of the crop.  It did turn me on to watch her from a distance as she and some guy would do the let's **** bantering.  When I saw her brush her hand across the guy's crotch, I knew what was coming next (his  ****  of course).  He became most attentive after that and followed her around like a puppy dog only with a bulge in his pants.  What a vixen.  Anyway, when she did finally select someone, we left the place, me in my car and she with her new prospect. 

Once home I ran into the closet and sat waiting in expectation until she showed up with the guy.  She seemed to be enjoying the hell out of this, doing something naughty.  Here I am in the closet with my hard **** in my hand and those two out there making out. They undressed each other with all the touchy feely stuff that goes along with it.  I could tell he was liking her handling his **** and balls while kissing his neck and nibbling his ear as he was gently massaging her ******* and feeling up her sweet *** cheeks.  She led him over to the bed and positioned herself for my best view.  She first got down on her knees and sucked his **** (she loves to blow) while furtively looking toward me with a mischeivous twinkle in her eyes.  I wanted to jump out and **** her myself right then but waited cause I knew I was next anyway. 

She next got on the bed and he got on top of her.  She liked to feel a man on top crushing her into the bed with her legs open as wide as she could so he could **** her brains out.  What a view watching his *** going up and down plunging his **** into her with his balls slapping her ***. He made her *** and I could tell she was loving this with all her moaning and panting.  He did her very nicely for a decent period of time until he finally pulled out not wanting to *** yet.  My wife positioned herself so I had a side view of her face and she pulled him up and took his **** in her mouth.  Now she was looking up at him and he down at her.  (She loves to watch you when you're *******)  He was slowly, deliberately, gently ******* her mouth.  What a sight, his **** is nearly all the way in her mouth and I see her tongue darting out licking the base of his **** while he's pushing it down her throat.  Well, here's another one of those "I lost it" scenes, I promptly came in my hand....In the meantime, he pulls his **** out of her mouth and jumps down sticking his **** back into her ***** and ***** her wildly and ******* inside her, groaning the whole time.  Having finished, she hurried the guy up to get dressed and leave so he'd be gone before I or the kids got home.  He asked if he could see her again and she told him she'd call and for him not to call.  He agreed, gave her a quick kiss and left.  Once sure he was gone, she and I went to bed and talked about it, getting each other worked up and then she got another round of **** from me.

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WOW! Thats HOT....I would luv doing her too!

I've been in swinging relationships before. I think I could easily move to the scenario you describe -- watching from a hidden position as another man ***** my wife; and after he leaves getting sloppy seconds.

It's so much more fun to join in . We had problems with guys from bars as they seemed to think I was gay etc. Not true I just want all his attention as well as mine on pleasuring her body to the fullest.
We ended up with 2 close friends and coworkers of mine who joined us and got to enjoy her goodies for several years.

We never tried to pick up men at bars. We always shared with men we knew, or men that she met and dated.


👍😎 ????

Great story boldly!

I can relate to that, I never had a problem either, just that the look on a face can be enuf to trigger me into ******* especially if he starts licking his lips while ogling. I find all aspects of sex such a turn-on.

Great story.. I for one would not have a problem with the husband present in the room with us! I like seeing the look on his face as I first slide into the wife!