Road Trip

I would come pick you up in my dodge truck, since it has a bench seat. we will find a back road that we could cruise slowly down. you will rest your head on my thigh, I will slowly run my hand down from your shoulder to just below your hip. as i bring my hand back up I will run it across your waist to your belly button then slowly higher to meet your ****, massaging each one, kneading them in my hands, then raising my hand I will slide it down the top of your low cut shirt, playing with the tops of those wonderful ****, i once again will lower my hand to your thigh this time tracing your inner thigh back up, sliding my hand under your skirt, just to the outline of your panties, then around the seem to your waist, I can feel the heat from your *****. I run around your waist lifting your shirt in the back, find my way to the back of your bra and unsnap it. You give me a sly smile, i return my hand to your shoulder and rub it, then plunge back down between your breasts, this time I am able to get my hand between th efabric of your bra and your skin, I cup them with my and and lightly sqeeze your nipple between my fingers, you are squirming and I can tell enjoying yourself. I slide my hand between your breasts across your belly button, and place 2 fingers under the waist band of your panties, I run those fingers around the sides of the thin fabric and down your hip. i slide them out from under the fabric and back to your inner thigh. this time when I come up I put my hand flat against your moist panties, you spread your legs slightly and I apply more pressure, I am rubbing your ***** through the fabric, the material is soaked, I hook my little finger around the side and slide the material off to one side. I place my hand under the silky lace and press tightly against you, my middle finger appling more pressure seperating your lips, I slide my hand back and forth your wetness making it slide efortlessly, my middle finger slightly penetrating your slit. We come to a stop sign and with my left hand I unbutton my shorts, I lower them to reveal my hard ****. We leave the intersection and no words were exchanged. I pick up the pace rubbing your **** with my thumb, while penetrating you with my fingers, you turn your head and run your tongue the length of my shaft, moaning heavily now, you circle the underside of my head and take my **** in your mouth, your hips are now moving in rythemwith my hand, i can tell your close, I apply more pressure to your **** and bury my fingers as deep as possible. You tremble and shake in pleasure, I can feel your teeth lightly scrapping my shaft as you tense in ******. Ther eis a dirt road ahead, we turn down it and pull to the shoulder just out of sight. as I put the truck in park you swallow my **** down your throat, your lips feels feel so good,your mouth so warm, no one has taken me so deep, I stop you before I come, I grab your chin and lift you off of me. Yoe give me a pouty look. I grab the door handle and step out, walk to the other side of the truck and open your door. grab your ankles and slide you to the edge of the seat, I reach under your skirt and rip your panties down your legs, throwing them into the woods behind me. I place one of your legs on th edoor frame and the other over my shoulder. I run my tongue from your knee to your dripping ****. I slowly trace your lips with my tongue circling your **** and back down the other side, I press my nose tight into your pelvis and bury my tongue deep in your tunnel. I raise my tongue liking your g spot popping out of your ***** and flicking your **** with each stoke. I cant take it any more I have to have you. I step back and place my thick **** head at your entrance I do not enter yet just barely seperating your lips. You try to push into me, but the position you are in leaves you helpless. I slowly enter you inch by inch allowing you to adjust to my thickness, I pull back out and do it again. after the third attempt, I slde all the way in our pelvises meet. I push hard an dgrind in a circular motion, I slide my **** out half way, since you are higher that me I use my **** to pressure the to wall of your *****, i slide it out an drun it along your slit. pushing tight against you. I can not take much more I need to ***. I bury my tool inside you and start pounding, the whole truck is rocking. I wrap my arms around the back of your legs and grab your waist, I pull you into me with each thrust, I can feel the pressure building, my **** spasms and I blow my seed deep inside you. My **** twitches hard setting you over the edge again, you ****** milking the *** from me, your muscles clamp tight around my shaft. we hold each other for a moment. then realize any one could come down this road at any moment, we probly should get dressed and out of here.
grshppr83 grshppr83
31-35, M
May 13, 2012