Hard Day At Work

Don't get me wrong I like my job but some days are definatly better than others. I own an auto repair shop and last friday was one of those days I will not forget. We were swamped 17 cars to fix with 3 mechanics, and being friday everybody wants thier ride back for the weekend. That morning I spent more time at my desk with my head in my hands, trying to figure out how we are going to pull this off, than I did making forward progress. I am what you can call a people person, I like talking to my customers and the parts suppliers when calling in orders, some are better than others. There is one woman at the local parts store that I expessially like talking too. Every time I call I am secretly hoping to hear her voice on the other end. She is good at her job and gets me the right part, but more importantly she makes me smile. There is an inocent flirting that goes on with every conversation, some days it gets to the point where some people may call it sexual harrasment. We both know we are just playing, at least I hope she knows I mean no harm.

The morning had slipped by, before I knew it the guys were going to lunch. Cars were getting done and I could see what I thought was a light at the end of the tunnel. There was one car that was haunting me. We had repaired it a month ago and the part we installed had failed. The customer was not happy. My sweetheart from the parts stored had promised me a replacement part on the one o'clock delivery truck. One o'clock came and went, the truck pulled up at two and my luck worsened it wasn't the right part. I could feel my blood pressure rising. I called the customer to try to keep the car and she said no way, she needed it to go out of town. I already have it taken apart, this isn't good. I was taking deep breaths while dialing the number to the parts store, trying to calm down. The phone rang three times and the voice on the other end said " Hey sexy whats up", damn caller ID, how can I stay mad with such a sexy voice greeting me. I did not flirt back, I simply said "wrong part", there was a silent moment and then she got the vehicle info from me again. One of us switched a digit in the vin number resulting in the wrong part being ordered, at this point I was not taking blame. She calmed me down by telling me the other store on the North end of town had the part I needed. Then she said " she would do anything to make sure I was happy". I could not help but smile the way she said it, I simply responded " is that so". She assured me she would ask her boss if she could go pick the part up and bring it to me. I told her to call me back and let me know I need this part ASAP. She went to her boss and to say the least he was not happy. There had been more than one occasion lately a mistake like this has happened. She got the feeling that her job may be at stake, expessially since I was one of, if not the largest account they have. He simply told her to do whatever she had to do to make this right.She gave me a quick call to assure me I will have the part today.

Meanwhile at the shop the other cars were getting done and the weekend was within sight. Four o'clock rolled around and two of the mechanics were cleaning up to leave. I called the parts store to check on my part since I had gotten no word since earlier. The big boss answered and told me she had left a while ago. He said he would get in touch with her and let me know where she was. As soon as I hung the phone up it rang again, It was the wife of my mechanic, she was in a panic one of there children had gotten hurt and she needed him home now. Great my day just took a huge turn for the worse, I have no mechanics here and a car that needs to leave, guess I am getting my hands dirty. I called the customer and begged to keep the car untill Monday. She said NO, I told her I would get it done but it would be after hours, I would lock the key under the floor mat when I was finished. It was four thirty now and still no part WTF, just then the shop phone rang and it was that familiar sexy voice begging for forgiveness, she said her boss was boiling over mad at her but she was stuck in traffic and there was nothing she could do. She apologized multiple times and said she was personally bringing me the part, on her way back. I reminded her that I closed at five, and she said it would be close, I told her if the blinds were closed and the door locked just knock hard and promised I would be there, I need this part. When I hung up the phone I had this strange thought. I have never met this girl, what does she look like? what will she think of me? This is probaly stupid, who cares? It's just we have said so many things too each other, she is so forward with her flirting and I have said things to her that I would never say face to face. I am kind of a shy guy in person, but have told her over the phone exactly what I like and what she could do to me in not so many words. I don't know if I want to meet her. Can she live up to what I have in my mind?

Five o'clock finally got here and all of the cars have left for the day except for the one from hell. I closed the blinds and locked the door. I sat at my desk and took a deep breath. It is so nice not to have to answer the phones, it would be much nicer to be on my way home though, but at least nobody is bothering me. I was almost asleep, leaned back in my chair, when someone knocked on the door. It startled me, I almost fell out on the floor. I thought to myself, about time, I bounced out of the chair and headed for the door. I twisted the deadbolt and pushed the door open, and to my delight there was a beautiful, dark haired vixen standing in front of me. She was everything I imagined and more. She looked at me with a smile that raised both of her cheeks and said " I really hope this is what you wanted" holding up the part. Oh yeah, the part, I thought to myself, but said " The part is not what I want, but at least it looks like the one I need for the car" with a sly smile. Not missing a beat she replied " What is it that you want" as she put a finger to the side of her lips, innocently. I simply smiled and told her to step in and I will get her a check for the part. I held the door open, and made sure to get a good look as she walked past. She had a great **** even though her button up parts shirt did a good job of hiding them. She was wearing a pair of jeans that might as well have been painted on, I looked very hard and if she was wearing panties there was no evidence of them. I could feel my **** twitch in my work pants as she passed by. I had to run upstairs to get the checkbook and she asked to use the bathroom. I pointed it out to her and said I would be right back. Once again she gave me that smile and said " please hurry I will miss you". I chuckled as I walked away. I hurried up the steps and wrote a check to cover the part. I could feel the bulge in my pants growing, just thinking of all of the comments that have been made over the phone, not to mention her remarks downstairs. Is she really interested? I always took our conversations as playfull banter. My mind went back to her downstairs and my **** continued to grow. I need to control this baseball, baseball, grand ma's meatloaf, puppy dogs, it was not working it did not matter what I thought of. I heard the bathroom door open, reached into my pants and tried to arrange my growing tool so that it would be less noticable. Not easily done in a semi-tight pair of work pants. I slowly came down the stairs, trying to calm myself, I turned the corner to the office and all my efforts were waisted, there she was, with one cheek propped on the corner of my desk and the top half of her shirt unbuttoned, she was wearing a purple tank top, with lace diving into her cleavage, the tops of her beautiful breast slightly exposed. Did she do this on purpose? " I hope I did not keep you waiting" I said, she replied " some things are worth the wait". I realized at that moment that I was not making eye contact and I don't think I ever did since entering the room, I looked up and noticed she was not looking into my eyes either, instead she was focused on the now large bulge in my pants. There was a silence in the room, then I came to the reality that I had a car that needed to be fixed. I told her that I had enjoyed seeing her, I mean meeting her. She smiled and responded "I noticed" then I told her the car part was not going to jump on by itself, so I better get to work. She told me that the parts store was now closed and asked if I needed any help after all it is her fault I have to be here late on a Friday. I told her I could handle it but would not refuse the company. "Every good mechanic needs a tool *****". She looked offended by my comment then corrected me by saying "I am not mean, therefor I prefer to be called a tool *****". Well in that case I guess I could use a tool *****. Man that sounded bad, but she responded with a giggle and followed me as I walked into the shop. The car was on the lift, and the work I had to finish was underneath it. I offered my rolling stool for her to rest on and pointed out where the tool box was, since she was my tool *****. I started working on the car, while she wheeled around on the stool, like a kid with a new toy. I did not mind at all because with me standing and her sitting on the stool, I had a perfect vue at her ample cleavage. She had made a couple of laps when she said " Why is it so hot in here I am starting to sweat". I explained that it gets warm when the doors are closed, because there is no breeze, I pointed to the large fan in the corner and told her to go turn it on, it will help. She stood up from her seat with an "ok" and stated that her heavy shirt was not helping either, she put her fingers on the top button and asked " do you mind", not at all I responded. She slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons and lowered her shirt over her shoulders exposing the thin purple straps holding up her lacy tank top. She pulled the shirt closed under her chest pushing her **** up and almost spilling out the top of her tank. She then turned her back to me and walked toward the fan, she flipped the switch, turning it on, the strong wind blew her hair back as she turned looking over her shoulder, she lowered her shirt, slowly down her back, then laid it over the large fan. She returned to her seat and said " much better", I could not help but agree as I let my eyes roam over her newly exposed cleavage, I could feel my mouth watering, just thinking about freeing her beautiful breasts and placing each nipple between my lips, slowly tracing circles around, spending equal time with each, just so one side does not get jealous of the other. I snapped back into reality, I realized I need to get this job done if I am ever gonna get out of here tonight, I also relized that my **** was rock hard, straining at the fabric of my work pants, wanting to be released. I glanced down and noticed that I was not the only one aware of my hard ****. How could she not notice? She was sitting on a stool that put her at eye level with my crotch. You could distinctly see the outline, through my work pants. I may not have the longest **** out there, but it is quite thick. I continued working, pretending I did not notice her stare, her eyes tracing his outline, I heard her mumble under her breath " that is gonna hurt" . I asked her "what was that" and her face turned red instantly " nothing, just thinking to myself" she explained. I continued working, pretending I did not hear her. I was bolting the control arm back on the car and had both of my hands wedged in the frame. I need my ratchet I shouted to my tool *****. She wheeled herself over to my tool box and to my surprise pulled the right tool out on the first try, I was impressed. " You make a pretty good tool *****" I told her. She wheeled back over to me with a sly grin and softly said " you are about to find out". She wheeled right up in front of me and started to stand, to hand me the ratchet. As she stood she pressed her breast tight against my body, starting at my waist and sliding up my chest. she reaches up with her right hand and hands me the tool as she drags her left hand up my inner thigh and cups my package with her palm. I gasp as I take the tool from her hand. I start tightening the bolt to keep the arm from falling out of the vehicle. I look down and notice her tank top has slid down from the friction of sliding our bodys together, I can see the transparent lace of her black bra. She slowly slides back to her seat, she twisted her left hand and used her thumb and forefinger to trace the outline of my hard **** as she slid it down my thigh and up around my waist. She lowered her right hand to the other side of my waist as her round *** came to rest on the stool. I still had both arms wedged in the frame of the car trying to concentrate, which was not easy at this time. She curled her fingers over the top of my pants and slid them around to my belt buckle. She looked up at me with wide brown eyes almost as if asking permission. She said " every tool ***** has a favorite tool" then slowly pulled my belt back and loosened the buckle. She continued pulling my belt apart, then she unbuttoned my pants and slowly lowered the zipper. My **** twitched in anticipation, at this point I was not working on the car, but I kept my hands in the frame and would move them as if I was. I liked the feeling of being taken advantage of, like my hands were stuck and could not stop what was happening. She lowered my pants to my knees and commented on my tightly fitting red briefs. The head of my **** was exposed above the waist band. she flicked the sensitive spot under my head with her tongue as she lowered my shorts, dragging the elastic down my thick vien. She kept her tongue against my throbbing member as she lowered my shorts down below my knees. She returned her hands up the backside of my thighs squeezing my *** cheeks and pulling me against her. Her wet, full lips ran down the length of my shaft as her spit moistened every inch. Her left hand grabbed my head pulling it upward as she took one ball into my mouth, then the other, she sucked on each one allowing them to slip out of her lips with a destintive "plop". She continued holding me upright as her tongue made its return journey up my shaft genty nibbling and pulling my tight skin away, then kissing the spot she just bit. My knees were trembling and I could feel the pressure building in my groin. When those soft lips reached my glistning head she released her grip with her left and placed her right hand around the base of her new found tool, she lowered it so it stuck straight out. then licked the small amount of pre *** that was dripping from my slit, she slowly parted her lips allowing me to penetrate her. She took just the head into her mouth and traced the underside of it with her tongue. While paying such close attention to the head of my **** with her mouth she gently stroked my shaft with her right hand, pressing her thumb along my vein and rubbing it in a circular motion. I lowered my hands from the frame as she slowly made my tool dissapear inch by inch untill her lips were against her right hand still wrapped around the base. I could feel it entering the back of her throat, it was a diffrent feeling and definatly a good one. My **** twitched, she jumped back allowing half of my length to fall from her lips. She sucked tightly, dimpling her cheeks as her mouth slid off the top with a pop and a slurp. She proceeded to lick up and down both sides with a fast pace. I looked down at her as I wrapped my hand behind her head, I pushed her tight against my body as she continued licking. I entagled my fingers in her hair and pulled her head back away from me, using her hair. I grabbed my **** with my other hand and told her " Now open your mouth you little ***** I am going to show you how to use this tool" She obeyed immediatly, licking her lips and opening her mouth , I pressed down on my shaft and pulled her head to the tip, "lick it" I said. She held out her tongue as I slid my tool back and forth across her lips, I grasped tighter and guided it into her opening, I pushed my hips forward and pulled her halfway down my shaft, loosening my grip I allowed her to slide back off, I squeezed tight again going deeper this time, once again I eased my hold and she slid off. I turned my hand to tighten it in her hair and lowered her head at a slow even pace, allowing her to adjust to my **** in her mouth I did not stop until I heard a slight gag when it hit her throat, I twisted my hand removing it from her hair but placing it behind her ear with strong pressure. I released the base of my **** and placed the other hand on the other side of her skull. I held her head tight and started thrusting my hips, ******* her wet mouth, moving faster and faster, slight moans escaping around my ****. I was getting close to the point of no return. I felt that familiar feeling building in my balls, I relaesed her head and announsed " I am going to ***". I stopped my thrusting but she continued to bob her head sucking me in as if I was still forcing her, My **** thrusted up and the first stream painted the back of her throat, she clamped her lips tight against my pole and started sucking me dry. She did not release me until all of my spasms had stop, even then she slowly allowed me to exit her lips and licked my head clean.

I raised her from her stool and lowered my mouth to hers, our lips met and parted allowing our tongues to dance. I could taste myself inside her, it did not taste good but I could not get enough of it. As we kissed I ran my hands up the back of her shirt untill I found the clasps of her bra. I unhooked the snapps and slowly released the sides as I pulled her tight against my chest. My greasy hands were leaving proof of everywhere I touched. I led her out from under the car still kissing and fondling each other, Walking was a bit of a challenge, since my pants were now around my ankles. I pushed her back and pulled that purple top over her head, then lowered her bra straps over her arms and dropped it to the floor. I placed my hands under her *** and lifted her to my waist. She wrapped her legs around me locking her ankles together. I lowered my head allowing her hard nipple to enter my mouth, I circled it with my tongue and sucked it in, pressing her tight against me, I pushed her back, still holding her breast tight in my mouth, biteing her nipple as it slipped from my grasp. I then repeated with the other side, she groaned with pleasure. We managed to make it to the wall in front of the car I pressed her back against the wall. I released my arms from around her and pinned her with my pelvis. I cupped a *** with each hand, massaging them, kneading them, rolling her nipples between my fingers. pushing her tight against the hard cinderblock wall. I can feel the heat from her against my still recovering ****. I lifted her up off my hips, when her feet hit the ground I grabbed her hips and spun her around, she placed both hands on the wall as I continued fondiling those perfect mounds and torturing her stiff nipples from behind her. I brushed her hair to the side and sucked deeply on the side of her neck. I grabbed her chest and pulled her tight into mine. I kissed her neck again as I slid my hands to the button on her jeans I undid the button. Then raised my left hand to the back of her neck, pushing her forehead to the wall, not allowing her to move, I lowered the zipper with my right and seperated her pants. as I suspected earlier, she was not wearing panties. I forced my hand into her jeans, they were so tight, I struggled to bury it deeper, my middle finger reaching her slit, it was dripping wet, I curled it up parting her lips pulling upward against her ****. I squeezed the back of her neck and pulled her back, off the wall. I pulled her ear to my lips and wispered "Be a good little ***** and lower your jeans " I kept one hand on her neck and the other tight against her slit, she lowered her hands from the wall and pushed her jeans over her hips. when they reached her kness I pressed her head toward the wall again, she raised her hands quickly catching herself before she hit it. I continued to hold her tight as I used the palm of my hand to gring on her mound, lightly slapping her wet slit with my extended fingers. I reached between her legs pulling up, almost lifting her from the ground as two of my fingers easily slid into her passage. I let go of her neck with my left hand and placed my arm under her chest, pulling her up and back into me, I continued rubbing and probing her now soaked ***** with my right. I was pulling her back so hard her feet barely touched the ground, we walked like this to the corner of the shop were the work bench is. Moans escaped her mouth every time I lifted her, my left arm pulling up on her **** while my right hand lifting from inside her. As we approached the bench I released my grasp, grabbed both shoulders and turned her facing me, leaned over and burried my tongue in her mouth. I wish I could tell you it was a passionate kiss, but it wasn't, we were at each other like animals. I slid my hands down and cupped under her ***, I lifted her sliding her wetness up my now harding ****, and placed her on the work bench. She leaned back resting her head on the wall. I stepped back and admired the sight before me, I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it behind me, bent down slightly and grabbed behind both of her knees, forced them back almost touching her chest. The workbench she is on is very high, placing her at chest level. I reached out and lightly stroked her glistining mound, her juices were running down and starting a small puddle on the bench, I continued lightly touching her, she was squirming with every stroke, I placed my mouth at her right knee and kissed the inside of it passionatly, running my lips to her inner thigh, the whole time playing with her lips, tugging at them, barely penetrating them with my thumb. I arrived at the soft crease where her thigh meets her pelvis, I ran my tongue the length of it, then placed small kissed around her lips and just above her ****. I spread her slit with my hand and ran my tongue from the base of her opening up her slit gathering her sweet juices on my tongue, a loud moaned escaped her as I flicked over her ****. I continued kissing around the other side of her lips and down the other leg, untill I reached her knee again. This time I dove right in, I placed both hands behind her knees and pushed her tight against the bench, I ran my probing tongue from her ******* to her opening, running up one side and back down the other, I would reverse my pattern the take a few moments to worship her hard knub extending at the top of that magnificent *****, I would circle around it, then suck it into my mouth, pulling my head away allowing it to pop from my tightly pressed lips, then flicking my tongue rapidly, barely making contact with it. Her moans were getting loader and closer together, there was no doubt she was enjoying every minute of my attention. She grabbed the end of the bench with both hands and forced herself into my face, my nose pressed hard against her ****, my tongue twisting inside of her. she let out a short shreek and then held her breath, I could feel her muscles tense as the walls of her ***** tightened, her juices flowed onto my tongue and down my chin. I was not sure she was ever going to stop, I have never been with a woman that orgasmed so hard. My **** sprang to full attention, it had turned me on so much just giving her this pleasure. She slowly came down from her peak and sat up on the bench, which put those perfect **** at eye level, I imediatly placed one into my mouth and then the other, her nipples were extra sensative and she would gasp at the slightest touch. I could not take any more teasing, my **** was so hard it was almost painfull. I need to be inside of her, feel her warmth. I lowered my hands and grabbed under her thighs, spreading her legs on each side of my torso. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my lower back, with a short step back I slid her *** from the bench, but still keeping her back in contact with it. I aligned my hips and rested the head of my **** at her moist opening. Slowly sliding just the head inside, she puts a hand on my chest stopping me from entering her more. She takes a few quick breaths, getting use to the full feeling and removes her hand. I slowly inch my way inside of her, feeling her wet ***** hug my **** as it enters. I then grab her by the hips and raise her completly off the bench, she wraps her arms around my neck as I spread her *** cheeks and lower her onto me. I can feel our bodies touch as I completly fill her. She starts rocking up and down on my shaft, her juices running off my balls. Every time she hits bottom she grinds in a crcular motion, our nipples rubbing against each others. This felt amazing but I did not have the physical strength to maintain this position. Not to mention I was so into her that I was not going to last to long. I lifted her from my waist by her hips as her feet hit the floor I spun her around and pushed her onto the hood of the car in front of us. I dug my fingers into her hips and pulled them toward me, I ran my **** across her slit, rubbing her ****, I pulled it out from between her legs and slid it up the crack of her ***, then reversed its path, sliding the head down her crack, then between her legs again. She stretched her arms out and grabbed the hood of the car where it meets the windshield. I guided my rock hard **** to her now dripping **** and pushed it in half way. I forecfully spead her *** cheeks and pushed in the rest of the way, deeper than it has ever been. I slowly exited her and repeated all the time holding her cheeks wide open. The sight alone was enough to drive a man over the edge. I continued this slow rythme, she started moaning again, I quickened the pace and her moans quicked with it. I would pull all the way out untill my thick head was at her entrance, then a few quick jerks, before plunging all the way in again. I could feel my balls tighten, unfortunatly this was cuming to an end. I spread her cheeks even futher apart and continued a steady pace, you could her her juices escaping around my **** as I pushed in, my balls were slapping her ****, I felt her ***** squeeze my shaft. I placed my right hand in the crack of her ***, holding her ceeks apart and pressed my thumb into her tight bottom. At that moment I lost control, I planted my feet and burried my **** in her, my **** thrusted upward as I sprayed my seed deep in her *****. Her muscles started milking every once of *** from me, as she climaxed with me. I pulled my thumb from her and pulled her hips into my groin, my knees shaking. " You are a good *****" I said into her ear. She responded by saying " It's amazing what you can do when you have the right tool". She slowly stood and my **** fell from her. She turned to face me, we embrassed and shared a passionate kiss, then started the task of finding our clothes. I never did get that car done " ohh well. it happens". We went back to my place to shower and then out to dinner. Ordering parts will never be the same.
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Great story like this and no comments. Some things stretched my thinking, but incredibly hot to imagine such a successful parts order, and getting grease all over her, HOT AS HELL. Especially if she is married and her husband is going to find grease where a parts girl ought not have grease. No matter how passionate, I can't imagine a girl letting a greasy hand into her ****, as it could cause too much pain later. On the whole, I was thinking you should have married that girl.