Riverside Adventure

Shortly after my wife and I married, we moved to Missouri. Having lived her whole life in Peru, she wasn't used to country life, so I decided to take her on an overnight canoe trip through the Ozarks. It turned out to be quite an adventure!

We set off from a campsite shortly before noon on a Saturday morning. Since she'd never canoed before, I put her in the front, so I could help steer and put more power into our movement. Of course, this came with the added bonus of getting to stare at her perfect *** all day long. My wife is about 5'3" - 7 inches shorter than me - with long black curly hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her skin is a light brown color, and since it was the end of summer, she was tanned perfectly. She has a petite figure that matches her frame, with b-cup breasts and a round *** that doesn't quit. Honestly, I could bury myself in her *** all day long.

About an hour or two down the river, we were finally away from civilization, enjoying all that nature had to offer around us. The temperature was in the low 90's, but the shade and breeze helped keep us somewhat cool. We had both taken our shirts off just after we shoved off, so I was in just my swim trunks, while she was in short cutoff jean shorts and a white bikini top that perfectly framed her breasts. Watching her row her oars through the water with her athletic arms, and seeing her butt sway from side to side when she moved was really turning me on. So much so, in fact, that I nearly missed a curve in the river and we almost capsized.

At that point, she turned over her shoulder and asked, "Distracted by something back there?" She glanced in the general vicinity of my groin, where there was noticeable growth almost instantly.

"Why don't we take a quick break and get some water?" I suggested.

We pulled off to the side of the river on a sandy bank, and I got up and helped her out of the boat. Before she even had her full balance on dry land, I pulled her close to me and kissed her lips, spreading them and forcing my tongue into her willing mouth.

I didn't even bother to look around to see if anyone might be watching. I had to have her right there, in the sunny, open air.

I cupped her right breast, yanking her bikini to the side so I could move my mouth down to suck on her perfect, hard nipple. I continued to kiss down her stomach, ravenous, and swiftly unbuttoned her shorts, pulling them down, along with her bikini bottom. Her gorgeous, shaved *****, freed of its clothed confinement, seemed to beg to be touched, and I didn't hesitate. Licking her **** and tasting her ample juices as they flowed freely down her inner thighs, I gently eased one index finger inside, making her quiver so that she almost fell over.

"I don't want your finger," she moaned. "I want that **** inside me now!"

I leaned back on the sand, and she pulled my trunks down past my knees, freeing my rock hard **** to stand at attention for her. She greedily took it all in her mouth, massaging the bottom of my **** with her tongue. This she only did briefly though; she wanted me inside her as much as I yearned for her envelopment.

She almost jumped on me, she was so excited to be ******* in the wide open. My **** easily entered her wet vagina, which was now dripping with her sticky hot juices. We ****** like animals, moaning and groaning rhythmically. She came first, her ***** tightening around my ****, nearly suffocating it, making it feel so good that I came shortly after, my come spewing deeply into her.

We lay there, mostly naked, still joined, for several minutes, basking in the indulgence of such daring and wild love-making. We weren't seen - we think - by anyone else on the river, but I'd be surprised if we weren't heard. It was one of the most intense sexual encounters of my life, and I think of if often - and fondly - to this day.
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Dec 13, 2012