My Wife's First Time With Someone Else

Last October my wife turned 45 years old. During that time she was struggling about being in her mid 40's. I can understand as its probably common for all women. I was thinking of ways that would help her feel younger. After alot of thought, I thought maybe being with a younger man would do the trick. After I decided this is what I wanted to offer I asked if she would be interested. Katie said that she was unsure since she had been faithful during our full marriage which includes two kids. About a week went by and she finally said she will go through with it.

After I received the green light I was very excited. I have always thought about her being with a younger male. Espically since this was a fantasy of mine growing up.

I started my search on a swingers website. As soon as I posted my ad I was flooded with responses. I had a tough decision on who to select. Then Johns picture showed up. John was a 25 year old athletic African American 6 foot 4 225 lbs. there was something about John that made me respond to him. It must of been that she always said she's interested in black football players when they interview them on TV.

After John and I got to know each other I learned that he is very sexual. He also mentioned that he has a roommate Chris who is also a African American who he swings with sometimes. I told John that I would wait on his friend but maybe in the future. John and I continued to talk and we agreed we will setup a meeting at a local hotel. I did not show Katie pictures of John since I wanted her to be surprised.

As the day opproached, I decided that I wanted johns friend to join. I thought it would be a great idea for Chris to be in the hotel room waiting for when they go up to play.

The night of the meeting John and I met at the hotel to check in and set everything up. I was going to Skype the meeting and watch from the hotel room next door. Around 530 Chris showed up right on time and he started to relax in the room.

I went downstairs around 545 to meet Katie. I went to the bar and bought her a drink and then went and sat in the back of the hotel bar. Right on time at 6 pm John came downstairs. When he arrived, he went up to the bar and ordered a drink. He then slowly approached Katie. Katie immediately lite up and have John a hug. As they sat down she turned around and smiled at me. Katie and John talked for about an hour smiling and rubbing each others thighs. Katie then stood up and grabbed Johns hand and came over to say good bye. I told Katie to have fun and enjoy herself. I immediately ran upstairs to watch everything on Skype.

I was able to get upstairs before they entered the room. I saw the door open and they were kissing. Katie then saw that there was another BBC in the room and looked shocked but went over to shake his hand and give him a kiss. Katie then disappeared into the bathroom to change into the lingerie that I brought her. About 5 minutes Katie returned to the room in her lingerie and high heels. She looked amazing. She then sat down and both John and Chris approached her. They both started kissing her and touching her body. I then saw John grab her hand and place it on his crotch. Katie immediately slide to the floor and pulled down johns paints. As his paints went down Chris pulled his down. Then I saw what shocked me. Two monster ***** ( afterwords they both confirmed that they are both 10+). Katie then started to suck on johns **** and then switched to Chris's ****.

After about 10 minutes John gets up and grabs Katie's hand and walks her over to the bed. He then starts to pationitly kiss Katie while Chris slide her thong off. As John was kissing Katie Chris began to lick her *****. John began to move up the bed and Katie started to suck on johns massive **** again. Then all of a sudden i heard a scream. My room wa right next door to their room. I looked at the screen and Chris started to **** Katie. He started out slow. Katie then moved to the doggy position and Chris really started to pound her. Katie was in the middle of two massive bbc. As they continued to have sex and switch positions, I saw Katie's heels fly off and she was complely naked at this point.

After about 20 more minutes, I see Katie get down on her knees and both John and Chris started ************. All of a sudden i saw two massive loads get shot all over her face.

I gave it about five minutes to allow her time to cleanup and then went over to her room. John answered the door and a shock his hand and went over by Katie now in a robe. She had the biggest smile on her face. We talked for a couple of minutes and notices the guys started to regain energy. I could tell Katie had a blast so I told her i would pick her up in the morning. Katie smiled and gave me a kiss as I walked out.

When Katie got home the next morning, she mentioned that they had sex three more times. It was so nice to see that smile back on Katie's face.

About a week later Katie came back asking if she can play with them again. I said I can reach out to them to see if they want to. She told me that they have been in contact and would like to meet again. Since I know she had a blast, I told her sure. Since last October, she has been playing with both John or Chris or both of them weekly. She goes over to their place on Saturdays for some fun. She calls this her yoga time. I guess My wife is now a white BBC ****.
Katiefun54 Katiefun54
Sep 8, 2013