My Labour With Ryan X

I love sharing my labour story with anyone who will listen it was an amazing experience and one I won't forget :) I was 41 weeks n 2 days over due and I'd tried everything to bring Ryan on but in end decided he will come in his own time anyways I decided to go shopping and get some food n last minute bits in as I knew he could come any day now I preferred shopping on a night when I was pregnant to avoid all the stress n noise anyways we walked round Tesco for 2 hour and it had just gone midnight so was early hours of Friday 13th we walking back and I had mild backache n cramps dint think nothing of it as i use to cramps n pain been pregnant n I just assumed it was coz I'd been on my feet for so long little did I know I was in early labour so we were walking back n bags decided to split so me n david are there having to chase bloody tins n food down street looking like idiots I'm so glad it was middle of night n no one could see us! I say chase I waddled after them wich made my cramps worse we got all food on to path n I said cheers to Friday 13th for making me go into labour n making bags split obviously been sarcastic we were 2 mins away from home n by now I just wanted my bed David returned with bin bags and would u believe they split aswel..**** u Friday 13th!!!! We finally got home n I managed to sleep despite the cramps but next day they were stronger I phoned hospital but they wouldnt let me go in so I just got in bath wich did frig all for pain n timed my contractions they were every 15 mins n lasting 30 seconds, by that night I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep I was constantly in n out of the bath n timing them it was the worst pain of my life I rang hospital and told them they were now every 10 mins and lasting one to two mins but they wouldnt let me go in until they were every 5 mins so I was sat up all night in pain next day it was same n they stayed at every 10 mins I was walking about, on all fours, jumping up n down anything to speed the labour up I just wanted to smack my head off the wall n knock my self out so I dint have too feel the pain any more came to Saturday night n they were still 10 mins apart i thought he was never Gunna come out I did my self proud though coz I just sat it out n wasent screaming n crying like I expected I would be by now I was fed up, wanted pain to go away n i wanted to sleep came Sunday morning and they were worse I carried on walking about n up n down stairs nope they were still 10 mins part I got in bath n my plug came away I was like yes! Nope all day still every 10 mins it got to half 8 Sunday night n I'd had enough phoned hospital but they wouldnt let me come in I was like iv sat it out for 3 days now I can't sit it out any more they told me to just run a bath so frustrated I went n ran a bath as soon as I got in bath they started coming every 5 mins halilooya however u spell it, so I we went down I got examined n I was 4cm's dilated I was shown to the delivery room n I can't tell u how grateful I was for that gas n air! It was a lovely atmosphere n we were chatting and laughing with midwife got to about 2 and I was given morphine wich let me sleep until half 7 when a different midwife came in to take over as the other one had finished her shift that's when the pushing started even with the morphine it hurt like hell and after 35 mins of pushing my beautiful little boy came into the world I waited for his cries n there they were two lovely little cries he was cleaned up n weighed he weighed 9lb 11oz! No wonder he took so long to come out lol he was then placed on my chest where he opened his beautiful blue eye's for the first time n looked up at me n kept touching my face it was so lovely :)) I couldn't believe he was mine and that I'd made something so perfect he was worth all the pain I went through, the stiches and the caviter I had to have for a few days afterwards lol and now two year on I still cant believe he's mine love you Ryan lee Daniels <3
tasharyan tasharyan
22-25, F
Sep 10, 2012