They Are Very Special Animals

                     Sharks have a bad reputation thanks to all the media and to the movie jaws. Just mentioning the word "shark" makes people develop fear running through their spine. In reality, many of their attributes people give them results from a lack of understanding between us and them. Now we learned through our younger years that any animal who hunts other animals to be considered bad. Any animal who eats nonanimals  we give them a high status of being innocent, and the right of protection. I don't see how this logic works with the grand scheme of the ecosystem. One thing that I hate about this logic is its entirely faulty and based not on actual fact.
                    The truth about sharks is that they are very neccessary for the functioning of any marine ecosystem. These animals hunting weaker members of a species allows for more room and growth of the stronger species. The greatest achievement they do is to increase biodiverisity in a ecosystem, what you call a keystone predator. By hunting down sharks to near extinction, we are corrupting the whole marine ecosystem.
                      There is more to these animals. Many of them are very inteligent, that they could actually solve problems. Each shark has a very unique personality. Only the few that bite people is an exception rather than the rule. By trying to understand these animals better we could prevent shark attacks,
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wow, thank you for explaining.

The shark looked a little lost in the picture but it doesn't look like jaws the way the news cast implied. Once he came ashore, he turned himself or herself back to sea.

we could try to catch one together. I heard that touching the nose puts them to a comatose state. Then you could do your magic.

some could use a good tickle right now. I could use one right now. You could see me laugh like tickle me elmo. May you tickle one while your surfing.

I can not believe how in some countries they cut the fins of the shark and drop them into the sea. Its such a inhumane practice.

Well said, I share your thoughts and point of view