Not mine, of course, because I don't have a shaved head. My boyfriend has one though and I did it to him; umm, at his request, mind you. The first time he asked me to do it to him, I thought it a very strange request. A very long haired girl being asked by a bald guy to shave his head? I'd never done anything like that or been asked to. Still, I thought why not? He had brought a multi blade razor, some blue shaving gel and a bottle of wine.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon reducing his fuzzy hair to a mere nothing. I never would have thought shaving a guys head could be such a turn-on. Am I unique in this?
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Your boyfriend is very lucky. I would like to have a very long haired girlfriend who enjoys shaving my head.

If I hadn't been asked to do the very same thing, I would have said yeah, you weird girl! I would imagine that for most women, being asked to shave a guy's head would have been strange enough, but for the woman to actually get turned on by doing it? That would appear to be just plain weird!

As strange a request(actually, it seemed a bit stronger than a request) as it was, I did it. He led me though the entire process, from start to finish, including the scalp massage at the end. I have to admit, it was a mild turn-on that first time. It has been an increasing one ever since. We've been doing this on a weekly basis for nearly a year.

headshave turn on anybody, if you shave your head it will be a grate experience for you.

Hey, nothing sexier than than a lovely lady shaving a mans head. I have mine shaved every couple of weeks by a lady friend and it is utterly sensual and I love it ;)

Hopefully she insists on it. Nothing sexier than a lady making you stay bald whether you want to or not.

God yes. She loves doing it, especially if I let it grow a little and she can clippercut it before she shaves me bald ;)

My wife hates it when I'm bald but I'm going to ask if she'll shave my head for my birthday anyway!