Oh What A Feeling!

The first time you shave your legs is quite the experience! I am pretty hairy, so I discovered it took quite a long time to do it completely and carefully. I soaked in a warm bath for about ten minutes before starting to shave. I used a moisturizing gel-type shaving cream. Then I went very slowly to avoid nicks and scrapes. I constantly cleaned the razor, as it got clogged with hair. Also, I changed and used a new razor frequently. I was certain to watch sensitive areas like the ankle bones, knees, behind the knees and my bikini line. Again, I went slowly, adding more gel frequently and changing razors often.

When I was finished, I rinsed off and patted my legs dry. I used a good moisturizing lotion on them. I was rewarded with some amazing new sensations! My legs felt smooth and waxlike. I felt coolness on them, since I was not used to being hair free. I even felt a difference as they make contact against my jeans. It's just exhilarating! And, of course, they looked so different. I truly discovered how shapely and feminine my legs look, which was a real turn on. And then I tried sliding on a pair of pantyhose. Wow, the feeling is amazing and the sheer nylons smoothed out and shaped my legs even further!

I encourage everyone to try it sometime. You'll probably love it!
jennyla73 jennyla73
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I am straight and I love my shaved legs!

I have used nair type products in the past. Its an awful mess. But it works. This yr, since I only shave in cooler months so to hide my shaved legs and pantyhose with slacks.

I thought why not used the dog clippers.

WOW, that was quick to get the long hais down to nubbs. Then into the shower using baby oil as a lubricant and new razors.

Oh what wonderful feeling to be clean again. And you already noticed the hightened sensitivity to anything touching you legs is so exciting...;-)