Un Biquini Blanc

I have always preferred to wear a bikini over a swimsuit, but being a member of the school swimclub meant bikinis were never deemed appropriate swimwear for classes and swim-meets. To in a way challenge this I chose to wear more sheer swimwear.

I have found two suppliers of this kind of swimwear, and I prefer white outfits, which are the American Wicked Weasel, and the German Nixxxe.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
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OMG I am very familiar with the swimming comunity and I perfectly understand your frustrations when tryinmg to be sexy... those thick, tight, dark, endurance or competitive full swimsuits are not normally sexy... I take that back they are on ocasion, like the day I was "timing" and one of the girls waiting her heat was next to me semmingly cold, she had her hands in front of her holding them together, then she gott cler and surprise her middle finger was non-stop rubbing her swimsuit right in the middle of a slight cameltoe there at her crotch, her two hands trying to cover the "action"... i gues she was as hotblooded as me lol...

She was smiling and a little blushed/red faced hehe. Don't think she saw me staring or if she did did not mind. She did not stop finger rubbing just inches next to me (I was sitting) next to me until was her time to go up on the block... I almost missed my time lol

J'envisage d'acheter un maillot sheer when wet à ma femme, mais je m'interroge: ne sont ils pas trop transparents avant d'être mouillés? Quelle marque conseillez-vous parmi celles que vous avez testées? Connaissez vous Brigite et Ujena, qui en font aussi?
Merci d'avance.

I'm sure that your rebellious attire will be greatly apreciatted.

Sheer white - there is nothing better. Thank you for contributing to this exciting trend.

I love Wicked Weasels, I think they are Australian, and have bought them for my wife. Thanks for the name of the other company, I never heard of Nixxxe, and I now have a new place to shop! Keep up your fun activities!