Leo And Misty

I have two Shelties.  Leo (sable and white) and Misty (blue merle).  I adore them and can barely remember what life was like without them around.  I've had Leo since he was 8 weeks old but Misty had a rocky start to life with a family who mistreated her.  She came to live with us when she was two.  She four now and even though she still has little hangups from her childhood, she has come a long way.  One of the most amazing things is that she was terrified by men (as a man used to kick her) when she came to live with us.... but..... she has developed the most beautiful bond with my partner Dave since her arrival. She just adores him.... as much as he adores her!  We feel so lucky to have our beautiful Shelties!
TiffL TiffL
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

this is so touching to read...interestingly enough, my sheltie, jamie doesn't like grown men for some reason...maybe because he was surrounded by women growing up, but he lives with my grandparents now and he and my grandfather have the most special bond together...he follows him around everywhere and it is the sweetest thing. they make each other very happy...shelties are the best! good luck to you and yours