My Baby Marley

Well I was looking for another sheltie , I have two one boy (sable-merle) and he is 4 and my girl (Tri-color) she is 2 and I wanted to bye a dog for my 13 year old and we had received a horrible flea infested dog she said he was 6 months he was 8 months ,she also said he was crate trained no he didn't know what a crate is and then we found out he is only 10 pounds. H e would not eat anything he would eat like 5 kibbles a day I was very heartbroken and she also she has 4 other shelties he was the only pup there it was survival of the fittest and he didn't get anything soon Marley mated with my 2 year old and soon often welled killed him of this weight and he was a great dog who did not deserve this and know she has a fine of 2000 dollars and he 4 shelties taken away to better homes so that is my story
cap0721 cap0721
Jan 6, 2013