Shemales - Love Em

I have always loved shemales. A woman with a coc* is so arousing. I love it when they still can get hard and like showing it off. I even like hermaphrodites. They are nmore arousing because you can have best of both worlds, a coc*, a pus*y, a*s, and ti*s all in one. Ummmm  would love to meet hermaphrodites for sex......

BarbieB BarbieB
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I agree sex with a shemale can be really great, that's what was quite freighting at first....I have never looked at the same sex before and it just happened one night...I did not even know till I was far gone but it was the best sex for a long long time....

Shemales are such a turn on. I love making them hard with my tongue and making them ***

I adore shemales. Always have. I mean really, a beautiful woman with a huge Cox* what's not to love, I've dated upwards of thirty women. 5 men. 1 shemale. I value every single of those experiences. I'm Marie's now to a woman. I'm male. A crossdressing woman was my best man. And maid of honor was a shemale. I love the female form and I love all forms of sexuality. My wife has also dated in the transgender scene. I've found that what's the biggest turn when everyone is turned on and comfy. I hope you all meet whatever person makes you happy.


those of you interested in pics ..............just google there is quite a few out there!

I love shemale too(only those have pretty women faces) lol.hope can have sex with them....

I wonder if the Lady Gaga rumour is true because she is HOT

I strongly agree with Barbie B i also want sex with an hermaphrodite, I'm from Plano, Tx... anyone???

Hermaphrodites, don't really exist.<br />
Not in the strictest sense.

I love tgirls who let you pound there *** then after your done, want u to finish them off by either sucking or them pounding your *** until there warm seed enters your body

as long as they are Dominant.. i have no issue with body parts lol

I wish I knew where to find a true hermaphrodite. I have always dreamed of meeting one and having sex with one. Anybody know a true hermaphrodite?

I can tell you that kissing a butifull woman whilst she **** inside you is the most incredible feeling

I would love to meet a shemale to , the thought of undressing a beautifull woman , and then she`d have a lovely **** awesome !!!!!

Lori, Are you kind of in the lesbian mood? I fantasize that when I am dressed I would like to do it with my wife. I will probably never get to do this because I am a closet dresser and only do ti alone. My wife would never accpet crossdessing so Since I enjoy it I will continue to do it privately.

I think they are really hot and can always get off looking at pics of them I did get a massage ( wink,wink) once from one and it was as good as I thought it would be but was also the most expensive " Massage" I ever had

I have never experienced either a shemale or hermaphrodite. I would prefer a hermaphrodite because I can have a choice of either holes. Ummmm just thinking about it is making me hard. : )

I was with a transexual once and it was super. I have always wanted to try a ladyboy or shemale, but have not enjoyed one yet. a hermaphrodite would be really hot.<br />
Ed in VA

I have always been curious about hermaphrodites. Yes the more the merrier.

So...the more erogenous zones and genitalia the better ? ;)

So true. But a hermaphrodite is even better. They have a coc* and a vagina. Along with breasts, this is the best of both worlds. Love them better but they are hard to find. : ) : ) : )

Love them. Especially brazilian and thay shemales. <br />
Who needs a woman with a strap-on ***** if you can have a shemale ? ;)