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Think it would have been late 80’s/early 90’s when I first “got into” the Sherlock Holmes stories and it’s all thanks to an actor (sadly no longer with us) called Jeremy Brett.

There have been many actors over the years who have played in this role, obvious choices being 1940s quintessential Sherlock Holmes - Basil Rathbone, the wonderful Peter Cushing, charismatic Peter O’Toole, extraordinary Ian Richardson (who was beautifully evil in House of Cards!) but I thought Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes on TV was the spot on!

I watched this drama religiously until it came to an end (due in part to the declining health of the wonderful Mr Brett). He just captured Sherlock Holmes exactly how I pictured him in my own imagination; twitchy with quick hand movements, quirky, eccentric, high and low moods – Obsessive, rude, a genius and always adored and aided by his faithful Watson, played brilliantly by Edward Hardwicke.

It was my love of the series and fascination with the character as portrayed by Jeremy Brett that lead me into buying the books, then videos, then DVDS and now slap bang up-to-date, Sherlock Holmes has been the only book I have downloaded to Ipad from Ibooks store! I guess favourite stories that come straight to mind are: A Scandal in Bohemia, The Adventures of the Dancing Men, The Five Orange Pips and The Adventure of the Speckled Band but have to say, love them all. These are just some I’ve read “yet again” just recently…….!!

I will admit that I thought The Sherlock Holmes movie was very good with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. When friends suggested I go and see it, my initial reaction was, Yeah right, cos that’s going to be really good, Ha Ha! BUT, I was impressed with the improvised and modern approach and thought Robert Downey Jnr had done a brilliant job – modernising Sherlock but still keeping his eccentricity, giving him that petulant little boy charm (which would fit right in with Holmes’ moods) and loved that they emphasised the boxing element (after all, Holmes was a boxing champion). Guess Downey Jrn gave him a 21st roguish, if not glamourous charm, which in my humble opinion, worked very well. (Side note: Jude Law also excellent as Watson).

BUT, whenever I read or think of Sherlock Holmes, it is Brett’s lanky figure, staring out the window, puffing at his pipe and brooding on his latest adventure that always comes to mind.

I hope Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be pleased with the passion Mr Brett brought to his character.

For me, Jeremy Brett is the best and most authentic Sherlock Holmes and will always remain so.

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Hi Rebecca :)<br />
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Thank you. I'm pleased you like. :) And thank you for leaving comment.

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I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed reading your entry on Sherlock Holmes, particularly Jeremy Brett.<br />
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Brett is a one off. As you say, He IS Sherlock. And also agree, Benedict Cumberbatch IS the modern day Holmes. physically and in manners and attitude and with his brilliant rendition of Holmes. Yes. Definitely a 21st century Holmes.<br />
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Still liked film and Downey. Film so can be more Tongue in cheek. Sherlock meets iron man. Entertaining! :)

Hi. The new series is fantastic. The first three last year I have on DVD and the second series just recently finished I will buy as soon as available. It is extremely clever the way they have modernised the stories. I love how Sherlock said in the first series, "I am a high functioning sociopath. Do your research". The relationship with himself and Watson, with his brother, his landlady (Una Stubbs excellent). Moriarty (how brilliant was that - the clever mastermind - a man who could blend, an ordinary looking man, the man in the street, the man you would pass over) and then ..... Irene Adler. How they filmed it ..... Oh yes. I could gush endlessly! <br />
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I am ...... A big fan! :)

Yes. Those Strand illustrations are exactly as Brett portrayed him! December 16th release date for second Holmes film. Noomi Rapace In it too. I am so looking forward to seeing it!!

i completely agree!! jeremy brett is THE Sherlock Holmes. he was perfect. he completely remade holmes and set the bar. when i read the stories, it is mr. brett i picture as holmes. rdj did an excellent job, but no one will ever replace jeremy brett. it is so sad he is no longer with us.

Another Sherlock/Jeremy brett fan! Thank you for comment! :)

I forgot! Watched The Prestige just recently. Good film. Quite a fan of Christian bale and Hugh Hackman. He played good role in that.

Get Carter was a good film. He was excellent in The Italian Job - now that is a classic film. And another old film i liked him in was Educating Rita (with Julie Walters).

The Italian job - absolutely. Educating Rita was a good film but he wan't entirely himself due to the role I think.

I like Michael Caine but he's a bit of a one trick pony in a lot of ways. Bless him.<br />
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I thought he was great with Steve Martin in 80"s film - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! Do you remember that ? Where he plays the master con artist and Steve Martin is small time hustler. Thought they were quite good team in that.

Fortunately I like his one trick! He does manage to use it differently Get Carter - for example.
Yes - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - a good film - about time I watched it again!

Get Carter - One trick pony bit his backside at end of that film though!

I am reading this story and watching Michael Caine playing Sherlock in the spoof film Without a Clue. He doesn't really have any of Brett's attributes!

Thank Welsh! Your husband has good taste! Obviously! ;)

My husband is a big Sherlock Holmes fan! and he always said, "that the late, great sadly missed actor Jeremy Brett! was thee best at playing the part"!!!! I bet, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would definitely be pleased with the passion Mr Brett brought to his character!! :D :D <> <br />
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Great post my darling and i thank you for sharing!! :D :D <>