Elementary, My Dear Pinkie......

I have been a Sherlock Holmes fan since I was 12 years old; the first book I ever read was 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' which ended with 'The Final Problem'  - and I was devestated to think that Holmes was dead. Then about 6 months later I discovered 'The Return of Sherlock Holmes' and my relief was very great. I 've seen/read most of the Sherlock Holmes TV series/films/books, even a short run musical of the great detectives adventures years ago. I've read the stories written by people other than Conan Doyle, in my teens I even wrote my own stories and had an alter ego who was Professor Moriartys daughter  (she was an opera singer  - goodness knows why, I can't sing a note myself!)
But, all this aside, think of the genius of Conan Doyle; hes the one who devised and wrote of the intelligence of Holmes; who he based on Dr Joseph Bell whom he trained under.
Another thing that always bothered me was the depiction by too many authors of Dr Watson as a bumbling idiot. 0h, come on, anyone would  would appear slow if compared to Holmes, but remember Watson was a trained Doctor (which not everyone would be able to do), and since he was the one who narrated the stories he obviously had a gift for writing.  Lastly, Holmes was not someone who suffered fools gladly' so if Watson was stupid he wouldn't have lasted long sharing rooms with Holmes.
But, I had best go now - the fog is rising, dark figures are creeping  and -  come Watson, the game is afoot!

pinkie5549 pinkie5549
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Sep 26, 2011