It Was Love At First Reading

I was in fifth grade. I loved mysteries. At the time, Remington Steele was popular. I had been reading Nancy Drew at the recommendation of a friend, and they were okay, but I was always looking for something new. I came across a small collection of six Sherlock Holmes' stories. From the first words I was hooked. I was even trying to read them to my brother, who was about eight years old. He didn't get it at the time. He's come around since then ;) From that moment I was constantly looking for more stories. I watched every show I could find. I was not a bit happy with Basil Rathbone's interpretation (sorry, Jackson) I didn't like the modern twist they gave the show and I hated Watson portrayed as a bumbling fool. At the time there a few half hour episodes that came out with Geoffrey Whitehead as Holmes. He wasn't eccentric enough. Then in high school Granada came out with episodes of Holmes starring Jeremy Brett, and that was a masterpiece.

I have an annotated complete edition of Holmes stories which is my "bible." Since the 2009 movie came out, and I recognized so many lines having come from actual stories, I've started reading them again to find where the lines are from. There is always something new to discover.
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I have, and have read, all the Holmes stories (plus some written by others imitating Conan Doyles style). The are great. I agree with you about the Rathbone/Bruce movies. Partly because they always make Watson out as an idiot. Some other good mystery authors are Rex Stout and Lilian Jackson Braun.