Who Couldn't Love Those Stories?

I started reading the Sherlock Holmes stories last year, at the very beginning. Wonderful. I had seen the Robert Downey Jr movie before then, and afterwards I saw the BBC TV series (both of which are pretty damn amazing by the way, alternative takes on things are great I think) and although they were good they aren't the original stories, which are, of course, the best. And the Moriarty stories! I know there is only one with him in it but I love the way Holmes describes Moriarty. And I love Mycroft, smarter than Holmes but just damned lazy. Like me (well, okay, only the latter part of that sentence is accurate for me). But yes, well done, Conan Doyle. And, really, thanks for bringing the brilliant detective back.
TheBohemian TheBohemian
18-21, M
Nov 23, 2011