The Cover Of The Book.

I remember the first time I've read a book of the canon of Sherlock Holmes. I had already heard about him, but I had no idea about how was he. 

I was 10. I was quite young, it's true, to fell in love for a man that older than me, but it wasn't bad. I really changed thanks to him.

The first time I have seen a representation of his face, it was on the cover of a quite old and shabby book. It was love at first sight. 

On this cover, the paint of Sherlock was simple but fine. I remember his grey eyes, the intelligent stare, a bit dreamy though... I couldn't see Sherlock but handsome and smart. I was really surprised seeing other representations of him... a bit disappointing indeed. 

When I began to read "A study in scarlet" it was fatal... His arrogance, his messiness, the dramatic way he has, he was a thinker, a mastermind... I thought I understood the way he was.

I read all the canon the year of my 11, then passed few years forgetting him, until the day ,6 years later, when suddenly, I terribly and madly wanted the cover of the old book, the first book...  

Nowadays I always have a book of Sherlock Holmes near me. It gives me luck! 

My friends say that it's truly stupid of me, to keep thinking about a guy who doesn't even exist, while there is a lot of other men around me. 

I know that I'll probably never find a man like Sherlock, and even if I find one, he certainly won't fancies on me ! ^_^  

However, I just hate one thing about Sherlock... It was too obvious that Irene Adler would have run away. Even at 10 years old I guessed that. Some people will say that it is jealousy, but I know I'm not the only one thinking that... Err... even it's not false that I'm a bit jealous! (I hate her...) 

Sherlock changed my life... in good ways as well as bad ways. 

My apologies if there's mistakes, I'm not from an English speaking country... ^_^'

TheMasquerade TheMasquerade
Jan 2, 2012