I believe in Sherlock Holmes

I first read the Sherlock Holmes stories when I was nine and have loved them ever since. Recently I've been watching the BBC series Sherlock and I just love it! They managed to stay true to the stories and do the modern thing.Of course a modern Sherlock would have a cell and a computer. The actors are wonderful and I adore the little gay jokes.It reflects the way things are today, a bit more open I hope. It's interesting to look at how Holmes has been portrayed. At first he was a kind of comic book hero 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" Then in the 40's he was kind of comical (especially Dr. Watson) In the 70's and 80's the cocaine addiction was brought to the front (The Seven Percent Solution and Jeremy Brett's portrayal) Now Watson is sensitively portrayed as a soldier with post traumatic distress disorder and Sherlock and Watson's very longstanding friendship is examined In the American movies Sherlock is made more sexual and openly shows his feelings for Watson more emotional.I'm reading The Annotated Sherlock Holmes right now and it is a big freaking book written by I think, the ultimate fan boy. It is fascinating, but very, very heavy in more ways than one. I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK HOLMES!
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How the hell Shelock is more open se.xually ?I see completly the opposite , he is a virgin.

Who doesn't love Sherlock Holmes? He's the most portrayed character in media for a reason. Everything you ever need to learn, you can learn from Sherlock Holmes.

i love the bbc show way more than the movie...and the original books are of course how do i say it...'unputdownable'..the relationship between john and sherlock is so good...friendship or otherwise(im a johnlock fangirl..sorry)..i could go on and on..im sooo sherlocked my friends think im crazy