I Wish I Was Sherlock Holmes.

You know those anime geeks that are like, "I wish I was a super ninja mech"? Well I wish I was Sherlock Holmes. A gay Sherlock Holmes.

I've read all the books, seen all the tv shows (Russian version included), I even write fiction. I just love the characters, the atmosphere, the mystery...everything.

Oh yeah...uh...I tend to get a little randy around Sherlock Holmes stuff.

Konrad Konrad
22-25, M
7 Responses Apr 8, 2009

Sherlock is certainly awesome!

Oh, I love Jeremy Brett...but I also love the Russian Sherlock Holmes! Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes is more true to the book, but the Russian version is also pretty damn good. You can watch it for free here:<br />
<br />

I just recently rediscovered him, I was at barnes and noble and they have recently remasted EVERY season of that show on dvd damn expensive but it was so worth it!

Jeremy Brett. :) Yes, I'm that much of a nerd. I love that guy. :P

I love the books, Jerry Brett played a great sherlock holmes. Random but i figured i'd suggest it

Ooo! Krypton you know how to tell a man what he wants to hear!

I found Holmes late in life. He is such a funny and witty character, with enough weaknesses to make him human. What makes you think you aren't a gay Sherlock Holmes. That is how I see you. :P