... ACD, his inpept ability to create such a beloved character that has been the inspiration for so many including myself. His creative inner mind birthed a man who by academic standards is no more learned than you or me, who instead relies on his amazing abilities of inference and deduction skills that in literature and the mordern world are untouched.

I know I speak for more than just my self when I say how much I have grown to love our dear detective.


P.s. Anyone as excited as I am to see Robert Downey Jr. Play our Beloved, and Jude Law to costar as our charming Watson??? What a spectacular mordern twist on such a much beloved story. The irony of the actor who suffers with a cocaine addiction to play a brilliant cocaine addicted consulting detective. Oh sweet irony. Swanky and suave I must say I am looking forward to seeing the darker side of Holmes; plus played by dj, (pause for a wipe of the drool from my mouth :D!!!) life couldn't be more exciting


Cheers :D

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Yes. Agree. Robert Downey Junior was a brilliant, 21st century, charming, roguish version of Holmes. Thought the modern day twist worked really well and Jude Law excellent as Watson.

I aaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!! So excited! can't wait for it.<br />
And as a director ive liked Guy Ritchie's movies all of them!<br />
I think he really will do Sherlock and Watson justice! <br />
<br />
Oh but growing up to so many versions of them i don't know the characters themselves are just ingenious.

I was a criminology major on school...and actually had an elective class featuring Holmes and his deductive methods...ACD lost a lot of his reputation when he ardently subscribed to mysticism....but his greatest invention, Holmes, lives on...I will reread the whole thing about once every five years....awesome stuff, well written...I wrote an essay comparing the Dr., with his degrees and book knowledge to Holmes brilliance mostly self taught..and much more scientific then the Medical teachings of Watson...got me a huge A....we also studied Poe's detective...loved that class