What About the Rest?

Poor old Arthur Conan Doyle I feel so sorry for him.

Why? I hear you ask.

How can you feel sorry for one of the greatest writers this country has ever produced.  The creator of a charactor so beloved by every generation since he first appeared over 100 years ago.  Surely this isn't a man to feel sorry for.


Well yes, I do feel sorry for him.  Sherlock Holmes was his greatest creation.  A literary figure so great that he cast a shadow over everything else Conan Doyle wrote.  Has anyone read the  PRof Challenger stories, Or The Sir Nigel Loren stories or (in my opinion) the fabulous Brigadier Gerard?


Some will have read THE LOST WORLD (no not Jurassic Park 2) but what about the rest?

I urge you to seek them out on Amazon and enjoy.

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2 Responses Jun 5, 2009

I think Gerard is fantastic, too - a great character. And the Challenger stories foreshadow Michael Crichton. Sir Nigel is a litle sub-Walter Scott IMHO, but they are at least competent.

Yes. Arthur Conan Doyle was not overly taken with his creation, was he - for the very reasons your mention above! Hence The Reichenbach Falls and Professor Moriarty.<br />
<br />
But cos of public outcry, had to resurrect him again!!!