Elementary My Dear Watson

He is very very clever man.

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LOL at Julie's joke..

Searching for my magnifying glass, I read Herlock Sholmes..............lol

You are welcome Welsh..

My husband is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, more than i! I have seen a few of them yeah! but not as much as hubby! lollol <br />
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Great post and i thank you for sharing! my gorgeous! :D :D <>

Hope Your hubby don't wear Moriarty as second name......lol

I think saw that Las Vegas CSI about Holmes too.

An elementary but no less correct deduction. I like to watch re-runs of Sherelock Holmes, both the more modern ones and more especially the old b&w ones. CSI did a story based around a small Sherelock Holmes appreciaiton society in Las Vegas and the dead head of the society had his basement done out like 221b Baker Street complete with the Turkish Slipper stuffed with tobacco!