I Love Shinto

For the Wise, in Wisdom, therefore, Abandon, Selflessness

- I make the sky and the Earth my parents.

The Earth and Sky are one in Spirit and therefore, as we come from Spirit, we shall treat sun, moon, earth, and every habitat of consciousness as we do our own physical, and spiritual parents.

- I make honesty my force.

Honesty is the greatest power in life for in honesty given we receive honesty. Honesty is the force that is life Itself. The Substance of Creation, Such is the White Mist of Honesty.

- I make humility my expedient.

Humility is to live in selflessness in the service of others, in abandon of the conditioned self, such is the way to accomplish the miraculous goals of powerful charity.

- I make my force of Soul my magical power.

The force of soul is the force of Soul, as in, the individual power is the power of the collective God, therefore, this power becomes the power of manifestation, through the United Story.

- I make courage my body.

Courage indeed is what allows us to maintain still in this system of survival. My body is courage for without the courage to eat, there is nothing left but a story forgotten herolessly.

- I make the thunder my eyes.

Eyes indeed need the sharp sound and clap of Thunder to See into the Other World of Spiritual Activity. Heavenly Dimensions of Pure Delicateness. Love at It's Apex Lightedness.

- I make good sense my ears.

To allow the Psychic precognition and recognition of that which will be, and that which is, and post cognition of that Whom was. Remember, God is the physical apparition.

- I make vivacity my parts.

It is in the realm of true activity that our vivacity is allowed nourishment in the appetite of well doing. Role Model Leadership. May the leading force of being a Shepherd guard every part of your Uni System.

- I make opportunity my design.

The Plan of Life is indeed the opportunity that allows by it's own amend through our choosing our obstacles along the way, the Design of our pathway through the natural landscape of this cycle.

- I make the respect of Doctrine my Miracle.

To respect the Phenomenal world of Mythology is a miracle when we analyze this life, and the Blank State of Nirvana. All to say, Mythology, is part of life experience experiencing it in learning to the fullest.

- I make the adaptability of all things my Principle.

To adapt is to take care of oneself by letting be what is and knowing that what should is, and will be. The Principle of adaptability is communion in personal abandon.

- I make the Spirit my friend.

To allow the Great Spirit of God as the only friend in this lonely Singularity. Multiplied by infinity.

- I make the distraction my enemy.

The distraction of the person is the indeed the problem that no warrior of light can handle.

- I make Providence and Rectitude my Shield.

To have foresight into a United World and the power to be patient, this is Providence and Rectitude. Rectitude is patience. Safety is to know safety.

- I make pure peace of Spirit my Fort.

The pure peace that is the Spirit when there is no alternative to the one good, is in fact, the power to protect, once fate is settled, we are settled clearly that in wisdom only can one maintain a healthy life.

- I make silence of Spirit my sword.

That the spirit always sings. And the Soul is ever silent.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stone is alive________________and the world celebrates as we hear the whistling leaves of Autumn.

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