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Shiny Hose In The Summer

I like wearing shinny pantyhose under shorts in the summer. My favorite colors are tan and beige . I also wear black sometimes. I usually wear slouch-socks with girls high-top gym shoes. People stare but do not say any thing. I have gotten afew smiles from women and acouple guys. I have worn plain pantyhose but i like the shinny ones better.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 2 Responses Jan 7, 2011

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It's good to hear that you wear pantyhose in public with shorts, and shimmery and shiny ones that can be noticed right away. Like you, although I adore pantyhose in general, I have a preference for very shiny ones... I love the way they reflect the light differently as you move your legs! I also agree with you on wearing pantyhose in the summer. For the majority of women, pantyhose is a garment reserved for cold weather, but why not during the summer? I could not abandon the sexy feeling of my pantyhose-clad legs just because it is a little hot outside. There are several very sheer pantyhose that help keep the legs cool and prevent your legs feeling sticky when you sweat a bit. Pantyhose is definitely a must, all year long!

Yes I like the shiny hose better they feel nicer than the plain nylons .I will match them with over the knee socks and a pair of heels when I go out some times this makes for a real head turner