The Shine Is So Fine

I used to only buy matte finish pantyhose, but recently I have gone onto a shiny pantyhose kick and I'm hooked! Now all I want is to try every shiny pantyhose brand and style I can find.

My favorite is Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 (Jasmine Color) from  They are absolutely amazing.  I always buy the kind with the comfort panel and then put them on so the soft panel is caressing my **** and there's no rough seam rubbing.  It's like having a custom nylon pouch in front where it feels so good. 

I can't wait to get home and slide the soft shiny fabric up my legs and see the shimmer of the lights glistening off  them.  Then pull them up to my waist and it's such a turn on.  They are so durable and sensual.  I'm getting hard just thinking about them. 

I love wearing them when my wife and I make love.  I just wish she would let me wear them when we go for our walks.

There's nothing discreet about these pantyhose, everyone will notice the shine is so fine!
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Sep 17, 2012