Two Pairs

 i love putting on 2 pairs of ultra shiny pantyhose and then rubbing myself up and down. it feels so good with the second pair sliding against the first.....

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5 Responses Jan 30, 2010

try this :) wear two pairs and make a slit for your **** to go through the inner la<x>yer, then tie a vibrator along the length of your **** and have the outter la<x>yer hold it all in:) <br />
wear out and about or around ;) <br />
see how long it take you to get off ;) <br />
<br />
Best if you wear your sis or mom hose while they are around ;) <br />
**under your clothes**<br />
<br />
enjoy :)

I often wear 2 pairs and maybe some spandex shorts or leggings on top of that. I like the patterns created on my legs from the weaves not quite lining up, even identical pairs don't completely line up. I mix up shades or styles, depending on my moods. Some style are better on the bottom while others are better on the top. I find the 2nd pair helps to keep everything in place longer, whereas a single pair seems to move around more on my body. I tend to like the extra squeezy kinds, with 25% or higher lycra spandex content. I have several pairs with 37% spandex, 2 pairs of those squeeze me nice and tight.

I agree, I love to wear a pair of control top pantyhose, then a pair of tights on top of them. Feels good feeling the massage on your legs and "girly" parts.

yer, i love wearing the thicker tights aswell. my sister used to wear two pairs of thick black tights to school. i once bought some ultra gloss tights which were heaven when i was rubbing myself in them.....

I've worn 2 pairs before just to see what it was like. It was kind of cool, but felt too restrictive over time. I started buying 70 den pantyhose to get that thicker shiny hose look rather than wear multiple pairs :)