I Loved It When Girls Kept Their Coats On Fully Zipped Indoors

Hi everyone! Ever since 6th grade I've been very attracted to girls in fully zipped/buttoned jackets, especially ones with a high collar and/or puffy down. The very best is when they'd keep them on like that indoors like during class or something! In 7th grade I even saw a couple girls do a neat trick where they'd fold their legs up against their chest and zip themselves up inside their coat like that; it was such an awesome sight! :) College is when I truly discovered girls in big puffy down though, and the best sighting there was a girl in the library who had on a gorgeous royal blue puffy down coat that she kept zipped all the way up the whole time! And of course, a big puffy coat that's stuffed full of pillows is even better and puffier still!

Are there any girls out there who also love puffy down coats/vests and/or high zip collars like I do? Perhaps any girls that used to love wearing their fully zipped coat during class during their school days or something?
pcf1985 pcf1985
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

oh yes - shinny puffer coats rock … i have a collection of long down coats, mostly women's and prefer big hoods, fur trim and sometimes belted …