Went shoe shopping, tried on hundreds of pairs came away with nothing, LOL
JennyTom JennyTom
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Good job

hait when that happens

The salesman was probably worn out....but he got to help a beautiful lady the whole time....;-)

I did wear him out, he put so many heels on my feet:)

I envy the experience he had....sigh....

He was tired pampering my feet, LOL

I imagine he was actually sad when you left.....and not ONLY because he didn't sell you any shoes....you have pretty feet, too....!!!

oh so sweet thank you, yes sadly no sale:)

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I would of bought them!

LOL, they hurt my feet:)


Go back and get them immediately ! Think how good they would look with a leather mini !

haha they hurt my feet:)

Did you try on Christian Louboutin like those in the photo?

I did:)

Good for you! Louboutins are so gorgeous, so sexy, and so expensive...but if I could afford them ;-D

So the proper pic for this would have been a shot of your bare feet since you came away with nothing. ..but thats just me...just sayin!

I had nylons on:)

How many of those do you have? Very very nice

I never bought a thing:)

I meant how many of those red sole shoes do you own.

Beutiful 👠👠👠👠

I know:)