Let's Share Ways To Flatter Our Shapes

Fashion is my passion. I love seeing new styles coming out every year to make clothing more interesting. However, I often wonder why fashion designers don't seem to take real women, i.e. non-models, into consideration while creating trends. For instance, this year's skin-tight jeans, no matter in bright colors, prints, or the old blue, just don't work for proportionally wide-hipped women, including my size 4 self. The tapered ankles are bound to make the hips look wider by contrast! Did the designers ever think of this undesirable visual effect?

Many women have a love-hate relationship with fashion just because few of us can pull off every single trend. Most of us don't have model-like figures. Even models may have to go through plastic surgery to get perfect proportions.

We all have imperfections here or there, and there's only so much we can do to improve our shapes. Take me as an example. I eat well, I exercise, and I'm size 4, but at nearly 5'4"(about a quarter inch to half an inch shy), I will never look like a size 4 model at 5'10". I'm sure there's also something about your frame that you cannot change---the bone structure is usually unchangeable. So, it's not our fault if something looking fabulous on the runway doesn't look that great on us. Before fashion designers become more considerate about women's different shapes, we just need to figure out how to work with all the trends that are not really designed for us but being sold to us.

I'm personally very interested in how to make fashion styles look good on different body types. That's why I'm writing a weekly blog titled "Flatter Your Figure" to provide styling tips. It's more than to buy or not to buy. It also includes ways of alterations that can keep your wardrobe on trend but make it more flattering. The new blog has grown more popular than expected since I launched it on Thanksgiving Day this year (2012).

If you are interested, check it out every Thursday at: 2flatteryourfigure dot blogspot dot com
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Dec 11, 2012