One Of My Friends

Today me and a few friends were going out for a bit, The weather here is very very warm and everyone was really feeling the heat. We went round to this girl I knows house and we asked if she was coming out. She had just had just come out the shower and was wearing a pair of black leggings and walking around bare foot. She said she would come out. It was about 24c out and when she decided to come out she grabbed her like puma converse style shoes and just shoved her bare feet in them. I said to her "dont u wanna get some socks?" and she said "nahh cba to go get any" She has proper cute little feet as well lol. Anyway we were out for about an hour when she said to me "I wish I had got some socks my feet are proper hot and sweaty" I sooo felt like saying "I wanna massage and kiss ur cute feet" but I thought she would find it weird lol. Anyway we went to my house and she took her shoes off and I could see her beautiful little toes glistening. They didn't smell at all just was sooo moist and soft. Gorgeous little toes as well :P

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1 Response May 23, 2012

Awesome wish people in my state where that way like your friend there but it is what it is massachusetts sucks