Love Shoes Without Socks

I am a 16 year old girl and I have always loved to wear my shoes without socks. I remember when I was about 14 my friend started to wear her shoes without any socks and I decided to try it with a pair of nice soft sneakers. I loved it. I had my sneakers on for about 2 hours without any socks and my feet got so warm and sweaty. It felt so nice. I love licking my feet any way so licking hot and sweaty feet out of my sneakers is even nicer. I decided to make it more fun and put some little chunks of chocolate into my sneakers. I slid my sexy feet into the sneakers and decided to go out for a jog. After about 20 mins of jogging I could feel all the melted chocolate between my cute toes. I ran back home with my feet all hot and covered in melted chocolate. When I got back into my bed room I slid my feet out of my sneakers and just started licking fast all over my sexy chocolate covered feet and toes. I threw away the pair of sneakers and got some leather styled ones with the soft lining. These made my feet get even sweatier. I love the feeling. I have even peed into my sneakers and then put my beautiful feet into the warm sneakers with the pee running around between my toes. I love the feeling of damp wet and sweaty feet and toes.

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12 Responses Oct 29, 2009

I know when a girl tells me she have cute or really pretty feet that they are telling the truth. Mayde when your 18 you can post a picture of them.

you said your 16,oh well one day you will make a lovely foot mistress,if you not one now i have a foot fetish at the age of 5 so i no you have some boys out there wanting to be you foot slave hell you may have some man out there licking the dirt off your feet,,well i just hope you put as many people under your feet as you can,i say hell if they want to be slaves making love your stories

I also love to wear my sneakers without socks. I actually hate wearing socks, and prefer not to wear socks in my sneakers. I wear my sneakers without socks year round.

sweaty feet taste the best

this is jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhhhhhh but i made a new acount

can you share the one story on the girl you made pee and the i worn socks for 1 whole day 1 it wont let me see it so can you post it on here

plzz check on here every day so you can respond to my questions

hey you should try pooping in them its great make sure the poop is soft just cut the poop evenly then take each half and stick it in them

if you get them i pulled out the pad underneath the first comfetable 1 then pulled off some other la<x>yer do the stuf you put in them or the sweat will stay on your toes and not seap below them

y is your page blocked i was going to read it

im still in school so i need to make sure they dont stink to mch but it feels great there vans skate shoes

dosnt peeing in to them make them stink<br />
is it ok i i lick my feet