Foot Fetish

I use to be the type of girl that only bought two pairs of shoes, running shoes and "nice" shoes, that I never really wore; kinda like your Sunday's best lol. But then I met a group of women in my Business class that told me about John Fluevog shoes. I went on-line to check em out, and I fell in love! I quickly went to the local retail spot and there they were "Megan's". Black sling backs with a wide sexy-strap mid-toes, studded with sliver studs and the best part...the two inch heals are in the shape of a heart! The bonus: is that they are not only kick-*** sexy but SUPER comfortable. The first time I wore them out, I was with my cousin and I actually got a young man to lick em for me! LOL!

Next to Fluevogs, I would say Fly London's. Sure I had to eat rice and veggies for a month, but my beauties are worth ever penny!

Earthchild Earthchild
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 12, 2008

mmmmmm i bet you would look hot in those shoes

There is nothing like the shape of high-arched female feet nestled in sexy, strappy sandals. Each feature of the shoe accentuates those very desireable parts of the foot: the soft skin of the heel and foot bridge, the rounded toes and shiny nails. It gives me shivers just thinking of it, How has your shoe collection increased since your first purcase? Would love to hear your desc<x>ription.

i like females in sexy sandals too as a male i like to smell the toe part and lick it after she has worn them.<br />
i'm a total foot fetish male for females toes and sandals.

I was never big on shoes....I'd rather be barefoot. But, I recently started dating a new man who has this huge obsession with heels (actually, womens' legs while wearing heels). We have the most amazing sexual relationship that only improved when we attended a wedding together a couple weeks ago. I wore a new pair of four inch, open toe, heels (to a church wedding, no less) and later he enjoyed posing my nearly naked self....of course, I still had those shoes on....and taking a few pics to memorialize the occasion. I had never felt more sexy than I did during our little photo shoot. Amazing just got better!!! :-P