High Heels

Why is it that a girl or woman looks so much sexier in heels? How they shape the legs! How they make walking sexy!

For the purposes of research and in the pursuit of an answer I decided to go and watch girls walking. I drove to a busy street, parked, and watched the girls walk by.

Very interesting! You could watch two girls walking together, both similar shape and height, one wearing flats and one in heels.
The one in the 'sensible' flats looked like a girl wearing 'sensible' shoes.
The one in heels looked sexy!

To further my research I decided to walk and follow girls to view them walking from behind.
I waited, two girls approached and walked by; and as luck would have it, one was in flats and one in heels. Praise be!
So I followed!

Both similar height and size.. Their bottoms were of similar shape; both sets of buttocks moved alluringly as they walked. I noted this purely in the interest of research so the reader will know I am showing no bias to either girl.

But I have to say, the girl wearing high heels was by far the sexier of the two.

The lengths a girl will go to to further mankind`s understanding of the deeper, more meaningful aspects of life.

Is there a Nobel prize for such research? There should be!

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7 Responses Nov 16, 2011

I guess the first Nobel prize for "High Heels Research" is reserved for the inventor of the first pair of comfortable high heels! :D

oh i totally agree heels are much sexier, and they also develop a more feminine style of walk that makes the essentials jiggle with every step.mmmmm so sexy

High heels with black nylons with a seam and a garter belt.?

Hi G.<br />
A very astute observation, sorry no Nobel prize for that. You were just chasing them cause you like girls and thought you will get lucked out, why didn't you strike a conversation with both and get them to join you for a cup of coffee or something. They were both sexy, right, except the heels. <br />
On a serious note, what has been your observation on high heels and super high heels. What is super high heels, you ask, I would say anything over 3 inch.<br />
Can't wait to hear your take on this.

I just feel sexier in the heels.

Heels accentuate the legs-calves on a woman and they seem to make her have a strut of sexiness.I love heels on a woman for obvious reasons.

There certainly should be, and you put us all to shame with your tireless pursuit of truth and higher knowledge. A less noble minded girl might succumb to impure thoughts, get hot under the collar and walk into a lamp post, but not you my sweet! There must be a research position in bottom-ology somewhere in the world where you can realise you full potential! x x