If the Shoe Fits...

I love shoes, especially sandals.  As soon as the winter shows the first hint of leaving, I run to my storage box and pull out all of my sandals.  All winter long I can switch between three or four pairs of boots but my sandal collection is wide and varied.  There is nothing sexier than a well-manicured foot in a very expensive sandal.

That is another point.  I will shop sales and be hesitant about buying some clothes but the call of that gorgeous sandal is intoxicating, whatever the price tag.  My kids often pull me out of the store as they say I get a glazed-over look. 

Rarely, the shoe size changes.  The ups and downs of one's clothing size can be frustrating and exhausting.  But it is a confident feeling to say, I'll take a 7 1/2 and the shoe will most likely fit and you can wear it home.

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3 Responses May 11, 2007

Do you own any t-straps?

Love beautiful women in heels.. ;-))

Be glad u can wear them. I cannot. HUGS, livingwell