In My Shoes

I must say that I do love shoes. I used to have probably 30 pairs of shoes.. but now I'm down to a comfortable ten... I love all kinds of shoes, too! All kinds of boots, heels, flip flops, sneakers, tennis shoes, you name it! I love 'em! And you can't forget my tap, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop shoes for dance!
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Love beautiful women is good heels... ;-))

Most of my shoes were given to me. We're too poor to go out and buy shoes all the time.... Don't really need 'em anyway! Unless, of course, they are from like yard sales and thrift shops or whatever... :)

I use to be real big on shoes too before I had a ton of bills to pay now I don't get to shop much for anything. When I could though I had a lot of shoes mostly tennis shoes in all different colors to coordinate with my clothes. I had a nice amount of boots and heels too. those were the days.