But Still Love Women

I don't know why, but I love shoes. Not girls shoes, men's shoes. I don't love them in the oh-my-god-those-are-SOOOOO-cute way; no, I guess I think they're just really cool. But, then, I also like fashion. As a guy there isn't all that much we can do except switch up our shoes, jackets, and shirts. Maybe that's why I like all three of those things so much--because I identify them with having choice as to my own expression of my identity.

In any case, I feel a little sensitive about liking shoes and fashion because I feel like people might think I'm gay or something if I care about my appearance and admit to wanting to own a pair of shoes for various occasions.

I guess I'm not someone who thinks that homosexuality is defined by your tastes or passions. To me it's ultimately defined and exposed by what turns you on: men or women. For me I'm 100% a woman kinda guy. Still, I dislike that our culture tends to think that if you care about fashion or appearance or have a garden (I don't but know guys who do) or whatever, that you must be gay. It's weird. It's almost as if the more comfortable we--as a culture--become with the idea of homosexuality being natural/normal for some people, the more homophobic we become. Weird.

I'm not sure this entry made a lick of sense; but there it is anyway.
liferiot liferiot
26-30, M
Jul 18, 2007