Why I Love Shoes

i love shoes because they are fashionable and cute. they make me feel pretty. i love the way i walk in heels. i get attention from all the guys when i wear new shoes. my friends and family always give me compliments on my feet and say how cute i am when i wear new shoes and i love the smell of new shoes. and ironically enough i met my first boyfriend at a shoe store and we are still friends. payless and jcpenney are my fav shoe shops.
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depending on what part of the country u r in...Nordstrom's has a killer shoe department. definitely my fave :)

Im a male, but I love high heels too. Have lots of pairs and love the way I walk in them too. That took some getting use to.

i love heels. open-toed pumps. love 'em. just for some reason don't like wearing heels with jeans.never could get the look right. (probably 'old" eyes)<br />
<br />
viva la high heels!!

oooh no fair. i want some!!!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with expensive taste. i love them as well! any cute shoes will do though.

definitely! love heels!

Especially heels...love em' makes me feel so womanly..love it!

i love treasure hunts. that's why i kept my room a mess in highschool. lol

i have a walk-in closet and a shoe rack thing to store most. my regular walking shoes are buy the front door so i can just slip em' on. my slippers are in the bathroom so i can put them on after a bath or shower if i want to. the nice ones all in my closet, but if i get anymore i might have to use your system.

wow. i have lots too. not quite that many. ok, well if you include flip flops and slippers.....just maybe i do.

wow. i'm sooo jealous!<br />

Love JcPenney shoe selection, but kind of expensive- oh well....darn well worth it. so what kind are they dotty?<br />
and thanks for the offer moshka!

Oh. I LOVE payless. Can anyone say BOGO?

oh. sorry marji

oh definitely!

Yeah new shoes make you feel so much better!!

that is hotter than a summer day