Shoes, Shoes, Shoes,

i love shoes, i have to have that season colour shoes, and bags to much, even tho this summer fashion they dont have to match excatly. İ just love them....i love heels best. And this year heels ar  in fashion. İ have black ones, red ones yellow ones blue ones and green ones oh and peach colour ones thats this seasons new lot...

 i think shoes tell your character-one look and i can tell what that person is about.

İ love that designers shoes 'whats hıs name' posh spice and maddonna is wearing them.....their black and has red on the outside sole....??? There really expensive.....forgot.....??

Anyway i do love shoes...

seven seven
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2007

So what are you trying to say violation? ....

cool! Although I never really understand shoe obsessions. I cant buy more than one pair of shoes without constantly reminding myself that there are children in this world who cant afford food let alone shoes.<br />
but hey thats just me :D