Shoe Are Magical Tools !

I would like to share a very special secret with you. I discovered SHOE magic about 10 years back. I'll get right to the long/short of it :-))  I was traveling to Africa, the year 1999. While enjoying a flight lay over in Amsterdam, I kept seeing women in red shoes, so much so I thought it was a special custom etc. That night I had a dream about a red pair shoes trying to tell me something in codes.                                                                                                                      Three weeks later while in Africa, I started to dream this same thing. Late 2000, someone gave me a pair of red shoes!  Red isn't one of my favorite colors -shoe wise that is- so, I put them in the closet-not thinking about the dreams. Later that year the dreams started again. This time the shoes were in my bed telling me secrets, about my business ventures.  They kept saying  " wear us to that meeting "  and don't wear stockings! Well... I never would go to a meeting without stocking. So, I did follow the " shoe secret " instructions. Here the magic ........The Guess speaker was from ( you got it ) Amsterdam ! He told me he never trusted women that wear stocking with a pants suit. I got the contract, money up front, and still biz partners todate.    since that shoe secret, I've become very magnetic, when wearing the shoes I have dreams about. Thanks for allowing me to share my story . Stay tune for part two, later. This will blow you away. These are true facts. I hope you enjoyed it!                                                                                                                                  

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I love red shoes. I can't tell you how many pairs of red shoes I own. I have danced theheels off of my favorite satin red heels and find beautifyl red shoes is a real deslight. I love to have a red purse to go with my look. Coordinating my fashion is my fashion. Maybe some red lipstick to add a touch of mystery.