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I’m A Total Girly Girl; I Love All Things Feminine.

I love all things about being a girl, from nail polish and perfume to dressing up just to everything.

I love make up and high heels, shopping and clothes, long flowing skirts, a little jewelry and I like girly things like flower.

My absolute most favorite color is ... Pink!

I love all the things stereotypically said to be girly ... fashion, makeup, stuffed animals, little dogs, girly magazines, doing my nails, Disney Princeses, glitter and shiny tings, ballet, throw pillows, flowers, jewelry, etc.

It is who I have always been.


Josie06 Josie06 56-60, F 1 Response Jul 2, 2010

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How wonderful, I do know what you mean,

I put myself on a personal dare once, I was 16 and my objective was to see if I went shopping at the open Mall (1966), that didn't have the, go get it on your own, mentally.
You were helped, like it or not, buy a sales Lady.
I saw some display models, but not one in the color I wanted.
A Lady came to help me and I must say, I was quite nervous, asking me what I was looking for I, with a dry mouth, spurted out a "GARTER PANTY." Ya ,here it comes, I said it was for my sister and thought the waist was 32", she did ask if I had a color in mind-----------That's when I lost it, went, for some reason into Girl shopping Mode.
Without making even a flinch, I ask for a Pretty Blue, she looked and said she only had Pink or White.
Well, NO TRUE CROSSDRESSER WOULD EVER OPT FOR WHITE, WHEN PINK IS AVALIABLE. I bought the pink and being on a roll, asked for Stockings--11 long.
She had to know, but just brought me the stockings, Seamless, Reinforced Heel and Toe.
I quickly went to the restroom, (only wish is was the Girls), took off my white, cotton boy briefs, and socks, then donned my pretty Garter Panty, smoothed the sheer stockings up my legs and attached the tops to my Garters. Left the boys room and got rid of my boy socks and briefs and spent the rest of the day in pretty girly clothes, with my nylons the only hose I had on and quite noticeable when wearing my slip on shoes, with only my sheer stockings showing for only those who would know the difference.