Imagine This...

It's Tuesday, December 23rd and I am not finished with my Christmas shopping.

I need to pick up some shoes for my lover and she says she would love a sexy nightgown!

So it looks like I need to drive into the center of the city, so I get ready to go...

I put on a pair of sexy lace panties, a cute lace brassiere, a pair of tight, but not tight enough Red Engine Jeans (I've lost a lot of weight recently), a bright, Red, long sleeve turtleneck sweater, a cute white belt, 3" High Heeled black booties and I fill out my brassiere with some forms that give me  a perky feminine figure!

Now I look girly and I am ready to go shopping

This actually happened yesterday!

If you want to hear what happened at Bloomies, Nordstroms and Kate Spade let me know and I will continue..


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1 Response Dec 24, 2008

so far so good, please continue :)