Wonderful Girl..

I went to walgreens today, thought will buy myself a new mascara and one for my friend, but wasnt sure which one. The girl at the counter came around to ask if I needed any help. I usually refuse any help and today I dont know what possessed me, I said I would like to buy some mascara and asked her for suggestions. She suggested a few and I asked about the Loreal volume and she said its one of the few that she likes. I picked it up and then went to the counter where she was ready to ring them up for me. I asked her what eyeliner I should use and then she understood that it was for me. She was curious though as to why I wanted to wear one. I wish I knew the answer to the question and I blabbered something about being in a wrong body. She flashed a big smile and got an eyeliner for me. She was so cool. I like her. God I wish all salesgirls were like her.

Coolgoose Coolgoose
1 Response Nov 25, 2009

You did just fine! Such experiences are a boost for us "gurls" & goodness knows everyone needs a boost on occasion.