Saturday Shopping

A favorite pastime on Saturdays is to visit the three thrift shops in my community, searching for items that are useful for myself or others.  I love to find unique decorative items, clothes and household things that fit into my lifestyle.  Sometimes the only place I shop for months, except for the grocery store, are the thrift stores.  I enjoy going to thrift stores in other communities, also.  I have found items for gifts for is especially fun to find things that other friends collect and be able to surprise them with a gift.  I have a very eclectic life...surroundings, work, friends, etc.  I am not cheap...just love the value of the "hunt."  Some of my favorite finds are clothes, homemade or name brand, useful kitchen items...and decorative items from other countries.  I only bring home items that have a purpose.  Friends are always curious to see what I am going to find am I.  My only desire is that there would be more than one Saturday a week for my shopping excursions!
bonilu bonilu
56-60, F
Jul 17, 2010