Rare Oppurtunities

I have never been one to follow fashion trends. I wear whatever I feel like whether it's a 1940s inspired Joan crawford dress, to a multi colored velvet skirt and a blouse. I have bought 75% of my wardrobe at a thrift store, I find the most rare and beautiful articles of clothing for an outstanding deals. Even when something needs to be altered or I just like the fabric I will still buy since I'm a seamstress. It honestly seems like a steal each time I visit I can pay forty dollars for several items compared to a department store where you can only buy one or two items for the same price! It is a tradition my loved one and I will never give up.
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2010

for years that was my thing i know where every thrift shop is in town always on a lookout for stuff i do not have allot of money i furnished my whole apt with second hand mcmutt6@gmail.com

I overheard my son (18) telling a friend of similar age, that a certain thrift shop was getting a bit too expensive because their t-shirts had gone up to $5 ! He would rather go to the other thrift shop where the prices were more reasonable.<br />
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I guess my son will never be accused of wasting money on clothes.