Why Do People Hate Thrift Stores?

Hello:) I really do enjoy going to a nice thrift store and finding some really nice clothes for very cheap. Once i went to a secondhand store and got 11 shirts and a pair of shoes for 33 dollars! I made sure all of them had no rips or stains and most of them come from some of my favorite stores. These stores varied from American Eagle to Rue 21 to Forever 21 to Hot Topic to Wet Seal. i was surprised that i found such noce clothes at a place that is considered 'poor' or 'trashy'. I hate when people say these things about a thrift shop becuase why would i want to pay 20 for a shirt i could get for 2? So what if they were previously worn? Its called a washer.
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3 Responses Jun 16, 2011

I hate thrift stores because whenever my Mom drags me along, we're going to be there for a good 5 or 6 hours. I hate shopping. It's one of those "I was exposed to it early" sort of things.

I know, wish more people were like you, this planet wouldn't be in such a mess. All my stuff is from thrift shops, wouldn't buy anywhere else. Great avatar name by the way !

it is a great idea! thrift shops are better than fashion boutiques!!!