Call Me What You Will.

I'm a penny pincher. I hate to spend money. I can't stand walmart's "super low" prices. I truly want nothing to do with them. The only time I care for clothing shopping is when it's done at thrift stores. I can spend twenty five dollars at the Salvation army and get four pairs of pants, twice as many shirts, and a nice dress. At walmart? ...maybe a pair of jeans if I'm lucky. I'd rather get more for less, and if that means I'll buy other people's hand-me-downs, then I have absolutely no problem with that!
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I like thrift stores because you can find things there you can't get anywhere else. You do have to be a regular however, in order to really make shopping thrift stores pay off. You also have to realize what you're looking for can take months before you find it and not to get impatient and buy it at full price. My wife however makes fun of me for shopping there. She feels she's too good to shop thrift stores.

I rarely shop retail for clothing . I think it is because there is so much variety and styles when shopping second hand. Nowadays every store has the same trend or version of trends colours etc. Boring. I like the surprise aspect of finding something funky or interesting. I am conservtive when dressing a stay within a colour palette of black grey and browns perhaps cream or the odd coloured piece but I like going to look at books and household things. I purchased all my furniture seconf hand and refinished it or whatever. I did not care for the current styles of furniture available and was moredrawn to the traight square lines of the sixties style so the only place was second hand. I developed a strong relationship with the local upholsterer. He did over 15 pieces for me over a three year period. I also think it was a very green thing to do Yeah me! So think about adding that to your list of second hand purchases when you are furnishing your home No one else will have your style!